Hacker stole identities of multiple victims killed in Miami condo collapse as death toll nears 100

A GHOULISH hack has reportedly stolen the identities and cash from the growing number of victims who died when the 12-story Champlain Towers South collapsed last month. 

“The day of their funeral, they began to process [the account], and after they’re dead and buried, they’re stealing from them?” Sergio Lozano said.

The son of Antonio Lozano  83, and Gladys Lozano, 79, who died when the condo building toppled in the middle of the night on June 24, remembered the horror of looking out his window from Champlain Towers East and seeing just an empty space where his parents’ home used to be. 

“Oh, my God, the building isn’t there,” he said welling with tears in an interview with WSVN. 

“My parents’ apartment is not there.”

But while the Lozano family was mourning the loss of the loving couple who were married for 59 years – the son said some crooks compromised the couple’s account through the cash app Zelle.

“I find it totally devastating, after losing my parents, that I have to deal with all the estate issues, and now I’m having to deal with someone stealing from my parents,” Sergio added.

Apparently, the Lozanos weren’t the only victims targeted by the cyber looters. 

As of Friday, at least 97 people have been identified so far in the death toll after the condo building fell in the Miami suburb of Surfside.

The mayor of Surfside, Florida, has since warned victims’ relatives of the condominium collapse to keep a close eye on all credit accounts of their loved ones after the hacker or hackers reportedly stole some of their identities. 

“[They] violated the rights of an individual, but worse than that, a deceased individual and a family that is grieving,” Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett told WPLG.

“It’s terrible,” Burkett continued. 

“I can’t wait to put a face to these deeds right now, and I think all of South Florida is eager to see who would do something like this – what kind of person would do something like this. 

“But I’m looking forward to our police department apprehending them, and they are out there looking. I wouldn’t want to be that person right now.”

The mayor was tightlipped about the details of the purported hack on the condo collapse victims and also didn’t want to share who may have been targeted. 

The effort to identify the victims continues as the Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner sifts through human remains pulled from the rubble.

"At this step in the recovery process it has become increasingly difficult to identify victims, and we are relying heavily on the work of the medical examiner's office and the scientific, technical process of identifying human remains," a statement from the Miami-Dade mayor's office reads.

"This work becomes more difficult with the passage of time although our teams are working as hard and as fast as they can."

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