Hatchet-wielding assailant slashes man at ATM inside Manhattan bank

Horrific moment hatchet-wielding assailant hacks man, 51, inside Manhattan bank: NYC’s violent summer rages on with nearly 6% spike in assaults

  • The random attack unfolded at a Chase Bank in the Financial District on Sunday
  • Surveillance video obtained by DailyMail.com shows the unnamed 51-year-old victim standing at an ATM when the assailant sneaks up behind him
  • The suspect slashes the man multiple times before fleeing
  • The victim suffered three slash wounds to his head, police said, and another slash wound to his right leg 
  • He was transported to Bellevue Hospital where he remains in stable condition
  • Police said a suspect in the attack is in custody at Bellevue pending charges  

Shocking video captured the moment a hatchet-wielding man brutally attacked a customer at a Manhattan bank as New York City’s violent summer rages on. 

The random attack unfolded at a Chase Bank on Broadway in the Financial District just before 5.30pm Sunday. 

Surveillance video obtained by DailyMail.com on Tuesday shows the unnamed 51-year-old victim standing at an ATM when the assailant walks in behind him. 

The suspect is seen removing a hatchet from a dark bag and sneaking up behind the victim before slashing him.  

Video captured the shocking moment a man is slashed with a hatchet while using an ATM at a Chase Bank in downtown Manhattan at 5.30pm Sunday. It begins with the attacker walking into the ATM room with the hatchet in hand 

He then suddenly walks up behind the customer and begins swinging his weapon in the violent attack 

The unknown assailant starts with slashes to the back of the surprised victim’s knees

The 51-year-old victim quickly turns to face his attacker, and tries to fend him off using his backpack

Soon, the backpack is ripped away, as the attacker continues to slash him with the weapon

Terrified and bloodied, the victim desperately tries to grab his weapon away from his attacker

 The victim, who suffered three slash wounds to the head falls to the ground several times as he fights for his life

Eventually, the severely bloodied victim flees, and his attacker does not follow. Police say they have  the suspect in custody pending charges 

Terrified and bloodied, the victim attempts to fend off the crazed attacker, while desperately trying to grab his weapon, before falling to the floor several times. 

Once the unidentified assailant is finished attacking his victim, he proceeds to smash the ATM screens before walking away, but not before leaving the hatchet and his backpack behind, police said.   

‘The guy that got hit in the head was screaming,’ a witness told the New York Post.

‘It’s crazy,’ the witness said. ‘People were shouting and we saw the guy laying down – a lot of blood.’ 

Police sources said the victim was immediately transported to Bellevue Hospital with three slash wounds to his head and a slash wound to his right leg.

He remains in stable condition. 

Officials said a suspect in the attack is in custody at Bellevue pending charges. He was not yet identified.   

After the victim has been driven off, the attacker proceeds to smash the ATM screens one by one before walking away. Police said a suspect in the attack is in custody pending charges

The smashed ATMs (pictured) seen in the aftermath of the brutal attack

During a recent ATM visit at a Lower Manhattan Chase bank, a 51-year-old man was brutally attacked by a hatchet-wielding lunatic, surveillance footage shows

Crime rates throughout New York City have been increasing over last year

The attack comes amid a growing crime wave in the Big Apple, with more and more assaults happening in broad daylight.

On Friday, an aspiring actor who once appeared as an extra on Law & Order was shot dead in a Bronx deli.

Jayquan Lewis, 21, was standing at the cashier counter at BH gourmet Deli in Fordham at 4pm when another man collapsed to the floor, in a 14-second clip published by the New York Post.

Another person standing next to Lewis at the counter on his phone is seen fleeing out of frame.

After fatally shooting Lewis the gunman appears to casually walk out of the deli. 

Lewis was shot three times in the chest, three times in the arm and one time in the stomach. He was pronounced dead at St Barnabas Hospital.

Jayquan Lewis, 21, was shot point-blank inside a Bronx deli just after 4pm Friday

Police are still looking for the killer, whose motive is unknown.

And just one week before, two people died with one victim severely injured in two separate but ‘likely connected’ shootings in Brooklyn.

The gunman shot three men sitting in a car that the NYPD said was damaged in a car accident on August 8 around 12.30am, and then opened fire at a party of 100 to 150 people at an event space down the block.  

Two of the men in the car died – Bronx resident Nicholas Palmer and Queens resident Novada Bailey, both 36. A third unidentified man was critically injured.

At least two other people were also shot and injured during the incident, with one person rushed to the hospital and another driving himself to a hospital about 24 miles away in Westchester County.  

According to NYPD data, felony assaults are up 5.3 percent from last year, as of August 15, with misdemeanor assaults up 2.1 percent.

Police investigated the scene at B.H. Gourmet Deli on Friday, where Lewis was fatally shot

One of the five shooting victims was taken into an ambulance on August 7 

Murders have also increased, from 275 reported during the same time frame in 2020 to 277 reported thus far in 2021.

There have also been 10.7 percent more shooting incidents, with 7 percent more victims.

And grand larcenies have also increased 1.6 percent, with grand larcenies from automobiles skyrocketing 20.2 percent.

Rapes have increased 8.6 percent and hate crimes have nearly doubled.

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