Heart-stopping POV video shows man leap 200ft off Durdle Door days after person injured doing same jump

THIS is the heart-stopping moment a man leaps 200ft off Durdle Door in a terrifying first-person video.

The clip was filmed just days after another man was injured attempting to do the same leap.

The video begins with the jumper climbing on the cliff at the beauty spot in Dorset.

In order to show the depth of his jump, the man picks up a rock and throws it into the sea.

After taking a deep breath, he then plunges into the water and moments later he emerges on the surface and swims towards the shore.

Another would-be daredevil however who attempted the same stunt a few days ago was not so lucky.

He had to be rushed to hospital after plunging from the same spot and dislocating his shoulder while terrified crowds at the beach watched in horror.

Emergency services have been regularly called at the stunning location as it is a popular jumping spot and accidents occur quite often.

In June last year, two paddle boarders had to administer CPR to a 20-year-old man who had attempted the same leap and was knocked unconscious.

Another two jumpers were taken into hospital with serious injuries after they plunged into the water from the Durdle Door.

Despite the incident, it was only a few days later when a man was filmed ignoring the warning signs and the protective fence and attempting the same leap before landing awkwardly in the water on his back.

Local authorities and coastguards have consistently urged beachgoers not to jump from the arch for safety reasons.

Coastguards have also issued numerous warnings against doing so.

HM Coastguard tweeted: "In May, we responded to 3375 coastal incidents. Hundreds of people had a scare including a few this week:

"A man tombstoning at Durdle Door injured his shoulder.

"It could have been a lot worse. Our Lulworth & Kimmeridge teams were there to help with the Ambulance.

It is estimated there have been at least 20 deaths caused by "tombstoning, since 2005 in the UK.

Tombstoning is when thrill-seekers hurl themselves from high-up ledges, such as cliffs, piers and other structures into the water below – often unaware of how deep the water may be and what lies beneath it.

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