Homeowner furious after developers put bonkers fence outside garage door leaving him just 3ft access

A MORTGAGE broker has been left fuming after developers put up a fence stopping him opening his garage door leaving him with just three ft access.

Paul Elworthy, 48, was stunned to find the wooden fence had been erected overnight by developers building new houses at the back of his property.

As our pictures show it means the garage swing door won't open fully and now tenants at the property can't get out to leave their bins or get cars in.

Paul said: ''It's crazy, absolute madness. The door comes up a few inches and then hits the fence. It means there is now no access at all to the path at the back of the house from the garage.

''The only way is if the tenants crawl out on their stomachs and you can't expect them to do that but more importantly they can't leave the bins out.

''The garage door provided access to the path so they could take the bins out – now they have to wheel them through the house which is ridiculous.

''If they had moved the fence back by just a foot then the door would have opened and we wouldn't be in this situation but they just won't listen.''

Paul insists he has had planning permission to build the garage at the back of the house in Sidcup, Kent, after being given the go ahead more than 20 years ago by Labour run Greenwich council.

He has even paid £600 to a solicitor to tell council officials they are in the wrong and asked for them to refund his money but they have refused to budge insisting they are within their rights to build the fence.

The garage overlooks land which has been earmarked for two two bedroom houses and building work started last month after delays due to the pandemic.

Paul has now taken the case to court and council chiefs have hit back by filing a claim to have the action dismissed.

He said: ''It's crazy, they are in the wrong and should just admit it and hand back what I have spent in proving the case. It's just a waste of taxpayers money.

''How this council could be trusted to deal with COVID 19 when they do not even know when they have already granted planning permission on a person's property.

"It feels you with fear that we entrust these people with our safety.''

In a statement Greenwich Council said:“The Council is building much needed affordable housing on Council owned land adjacent to this garage.

“As has been explained a number of times, the fact that Mr Elworthy’s garage has the benefit of planning permission does not entitle him to access his garage from the Council’s land.”

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