I had tattoos & TUSKS implanted to transform myself into a Lord of the Rings Orc

A BODY mod fanatic has had four tusks implanted into his face and covered himself in tattoos to emulate a Lord of the Rings Orc.

Rico Ledesma, who lives in Para, Brazil, has undergone several extreme body modifications, including the implementation of silicone horns, to complete the mythical look.

The 42-year-old tattoo artists focuses on blackwork and brutal tattoos – where you ink a large part of your body.

The work is regularly undertaken by his wife, 25-year-old Krishna Insomnia, who has since helped him ink over 85 per cent of his body.

The body mod fanatic got his first tattoo and 15 and has gone onto get eight piercings under his skin, his tongue split and his eyeballs blackened.

He started modifying his body in 2013 and later began enlisting the help of professionals to transform himself into his favourite mythical creature

He told Truly: "I started to change seven years ago in order to look different but the project to look like an Orc is less than a year old."

“I got six false teeth placed in August 2020 and I'm going to put two bigger ones in, even though I'm having trouble eating and drinking.

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“The teeth were the final touch to the Orc project and came after a lot of study and sleepless nights.”

Rico also shed light on his most extreme modification involving multiple scarifications – done with a hot iron – on his face and his calf.

“We used an iron based which was very hoy and I suffered for four months,” he said. 

“It was really difficult and I couldn’t really sleep,  but it is one of the ones I feel most proud of.

The tattoo artist still says he gets plenty of comments about his extreme look, but tends to ignore them.

"They tell me good things that motivate me to continue,” he said.  

“Bad people exist everywhere and are always around… but they don't shake me.”

He went onto reiterate his pride in his appearance, but admits his family and friends are not quite so accepting.

He said: "I was raised in Campo Grande by my parents.

"My mum doesn't like it, my dad tolerates it and my friends find it weird.”

However, the Brazilian still plans on continuing to get tattoos and body modification procedures

He added: "Live, be happy, travel, love. Do whatever you want.

"Life goes by fast and death is certain."

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