Indian man reportedly decapitates wife, carries head to police station

A man in India chopped off his wife’s head in a fit of rage about infidelity – then carried it to a police station and surrendered, according to a report.

Chinnar Yadav got into a heated argument with his wife, Vimla, 35, on Friday morning in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, The Sun reported.

Horrifying video shows the man walking calmly along a street carrying the decapitated head, with passersby looking on in the surreal scene.

It is believed Yadav also injured a neighbor he had accused of having an affair with his wife.

“After a heated argument, the accused attacked his wife with a sharp weapon, killing her and then beheading her,” Assistant Police Superintendent Mahendra Pratap Chauhan said.

“After which he carried his wife’s severed head to Baberu Police Station where he surrendered. The accused was arrested and the weapon was also recovered from him by the cops,” he added.

In February, a similar incident happened in the same Indian state, where Akhilesh Rawat, 30, decapitated his wife, Rajani, 26, after an argument and then paraded her head in the street while singing his country’s national anthem.

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