Inside hellhole Georgian prisons where speedboat killer Jack Shepherd could be locked up and lags are 'waterboarded, raped and tortured'

The grinning fugitive, 31, will be forced to spend nearly a year in the former Soviet state's gulag-style jail system – where prisoners are regularly beaten and packed into squalid cells.

A 2010 report said the country's crumbling lockups breached human rights laws.

The bombshell document – written after International Society of Human Rights inspected the country's prison system – said some lags are "stripped of even the vestiges of human dignity".

The feared No7 jail in Ksani was slammed for "lack of medical care as well as the horrifying hygienic conditions.

The report read: "The inside walls of prison cells there are covered with rough mortar.

Inmates are stripped of even the vestiges of human dignity

"They are as cold as ice, they are so dirty and rough that touching them can cause festering skin lacerations. It is quite impossible to sleep in bunks close to a cell wall.

"The toilets there are extremely primitive. There is an asphyxiating stench all over the prison environment. They are a dangerous source of infection for anyone who enters them.”

Several prisons had no water supply, heating, or even electric lights – and inmates are not allowed visitors or calls with relatives.

A 2012 video from inside one of the jails shows inmates at Tbilisi's Gladai Prison being tortured by thuggish guards.


One shocking clip shows prison staff brutally beating inmates in a stairwell, while another shows a prisoner weeping in a corner after allegedly being raped with a broomstick.

He wails: "Please don't film this, I will do anything" as the guards descend on him for a second beating.

Another prisoner was forced to smoke a cigarette that had been placed in his anus.

President Mikheil Saakashvili called the sickening attack "a horrific affront to human rights and dignity" before vowing to take action against the perpetrators.

Shepherd, 31, is said he fled to Georgia fearing her dad was plotting against him.

He said he fled to Georgia fearing her dad was plotting against him.

Sporting an unruly beard and cropped hair, he told news channel Rustavi 2: “This was a tragic accident.

“It’s an established fact that Charlotte was driving at the time.

“Although I’d had something to drink I was not tested or anything. Charlotte was tested and was above the drink-drive limit.

"I hope justice will prevail and my appeal will be successful so everyone can move forward with their lives.”

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