Is Pope Francis under investigation for liking a booty pic?

VATICAN officials have reportedly launched an investigation after Pope Francis's Instagram account apparently liked a model’s racy booty picture.

Natalia Garibotto, who goes by the username nataagataa, shared the picture to her account on October 5.

Who is bikini model Natalia Garibotto?

Natalia is a Brazilian model with over 2 million followers and her own website, where she states that her fans can find “unreleased content, access to BTS clips, twerk videos and more!”

She frequently shares videos and pictures to her Instagram page in revealing clothing and is a Twitch partner, a video live streaming service that's a subsidiary of Amazon.

Did Pope Francis like bikini model Natalia Garibotto’s photo?

Pope Francis' Instagram account was caught liking the bikini model's racy suspenders picture.

An eagle-eyed follower of Natalia Garibotto claims to have got a screenshot showing the pontiff's social media account following the saucy snap.

It was shared online and commented on by the model, but the official @franciscus account no longer appears to like the picture.

The image shows the Brazilian model, 27, posing in suspenders and a skirt that barely makes it past her waist.

It is not clear if the post was quickly un-liked by the official Pope's account over the mistake or if the allegedly captured like is real.

Is Pope Francis under investigation for liking her booty pic?

Reports have announced that The Vatican has launched an investigation into the account that liked the booty pic.

Officials are allegedly investigating just how the endorsement of the sexy schoolgirl-inspired picture happened, according to the Catholic News Agency.

Sources told Catholic News Agency that an internal probe is underway into the act after the ‘like’ was removed on November 14 — after CNA asked the Vatican’s press office for comment.

The pope’s social media accounts are managed by a team, according to the CNA.

What did Natalia Garibotto say?

The apparent "double click" from the head of the Catholic church left the model laughing.

The 27-year-old model confessed to Barstool Sports that she was flattered that the Pope’s Instagram account saying: “My mum may hate my a** pics but the Pope be double-tapping.”

She then addressed her Twitter followers and joked about visiting the Vatican. 

“Brb on my way to the Vatican. At least I’m going to heaven. If Pope Francis wanted the site, so should you,” she said. 

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