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Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party is not safe for Jews, 60 leftie peers warn in damning open letter

MORE than 60 Labour peers have taken out a full page advert in the Guardian to attack Jeremy Corbyn over anti-Semitism today – telling him the party is no longer a safe place for Jews.

The group, including more than a dozen former ministers, said the Labour boss had "failed the test of leadership" over the ongoing anti-Semitism storm swirling around the party.

It heaps yet more pressure on Mr Corbyn whose party is being ripped apart by the racism scandal.

In the damning open letter they said to him directly: "The Labour party welcomes everyone* irrespective of race, creed, age, gender identity, or sexual orientation. (*except, it seems, Jews).

"This is your legacy Mr Corbyn."

The group is around a third of Labour's members in the House of Lords.

“We are not asking if you are an anti-Semite," the ad said.

"We are saying you are accountable as leader for allowing antisemitism to grow in our party and presiding over the most shaming period in Labour’s history.

"We cannot stay silent while younger, braver party workers and members speak out.

"You have failed to defend our party’s anti-racist values. You have therefore failed the test of leadership."

A Labour party spokesman said Mr Corbyn and the party "stand in solidarity with Jewish people and are fully committed to the support, defence and celebration of the Jewish community."

And they said the party was taking decisive action to stamp out anti-Jew hate in the party.

This lunchtime Theresa May launched an extraordinary attack on the Labour boss – blasting him for failing to tackle anti-Jew hate in his own party and demanding he ap0logises.

Speaking at her second-last PMQs before her successor takes over, she stormed: "He needs to apologise for his failure to deal with racism in the Labour Party."

She quotes the above letter, saying: "You still haven't opened your own eyes, told the whole truth, accepted responsibility.

"You have failed the test of leadership – apologise now."

And she went on: "The real disgrace is his handling of racism in the Labour Party.

"Activists protesting, MPs leaving – what would his heroes; Attlee, Bevan, Benn, think of this?

"Look at what he has done to this party. We will never let him do it to our country."

Mr Corbyn accused Mrs May of presiding over a hostile immigration policy and not tackling Islamophobia in the Tory party either.

It comes just days after an explosive BBC documentary about anti-Semitism in the party and how it was handled.

Eight former staffers accused the leadership of getting involved in the complaints process.

The party has strongly denied the claims and said they were made by disaffected staffers who "have always opposed Jeremy Corbyn's leadership".

It said they would be making a formal complaint to the BBC about the programme, which they said was "biased".

Earlier this week more than 200 former and current Labour party staff challenged him to quit if he couldn't get the issue under control.

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