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Jeremy Corbyn’s son joins Labour civil war ‘warning dad “Stalinist” clique around him has too much power’ – The Sun

JEREMY Corbyn's son has waded in to the Labour civil war over as he warns the party leader about the "Stalinist" clique, it has been reported.

Seb Corbyn, 27, who works for Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, is said to have told his father about the small lefty clique dubbed the "3MS" about having "too much power".

The group are dubbed the "3MS" because of their surnames and refer to communications boss Seumas Milne, chief of staff Karie Murphy and policy guru Andrew Murray.

Union boss Len McCluskey has also recently been lumped into the inner-circle, with some now calling the group the "4MS".

Mr McCluskey launched an attack on the Labour deputy leader Tom Watson yesterday as the party's anti-Semitism row showed no signs of ending.

During a speech at the Durham Miners' Gala, which was attended by Mr Corbyn, he seized the moment to tell Mr Watson he should "f***ing be ashamed" of himself for suggesting party boss Jennie Formby lied over the anti-Semitism scandal.

He later wrote on Twitter: "I've said it today at the Durham Miners Gala so I’ll repeat it here.

"Attacking a woman going through chemotherapy Tom Watson you are a f***ing disgrace."


Mr McDonnell has been accused by Mr Watson's allies of plotting to oust Mr Corbyn this autumn.

The 4Ms have been accused of "manipulating and controlling" Mr Corbyn "like a puppet".

A source told the Mail On Sunday: "As a member of McDonnell’s team, Seb Corbyn has been in the thick of all the fighting, and has seen first-hand how bad Milne and the rest of them have been for his father."

A party spokesman denied to the paper that Seb Corbyn had clashed with his father over Mr Milne and other aides.

It comes after Mr Corbyn officially declared his party would support a second referendum vote to stop Brexit – after years of flip-flopping on the issue.

In his shock announcement last week, the lefty politician said no matter what Brexit deal the next PM gets with the EU, they should put it back to the people for another say.

Mr Corbyn had been under huge pressure to decide on his party's stance before a snap election – which could come within weeks of the new PM coming to power.

This week has proven to be rocky one for Labour as the party also announced it was making a "full complaint" to the BBC over it's Panorama documentary, which made accusations about anti-Semitism in the party and how incidents were handled.

It alleges that Mrs Formby tried to interfere with who was on the disputes panel for Jackie Walker’s anti-Semitism case.

She was expelled from the party for misconduct earlier this year.

The BBC documentary claimed Mrs Formby deleted her email about the panel as there were “too many eyes” on it.

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