Jetski Romeo 'splits from his lover' just months after he was jailed over his Isle of Man voyage to see her

A JETSKI Romeo has split from his lover after he risked his life by crossing the Irish Sea to be with her, a report says.

Dale McLaughlan, 28, was jailed for breaking Covid rules in the Isle of Man when he spent nearly five hours crossing the choppy waters from North Ayrshire in Scotland, to spend time with Jessica Radcliffe, 30.

He had never driven a jet ski before and can't swim but still carried out the trip desperate to see his beau.

But friends have told The Mirror that the couple have split up more than three months after Dale made the perilous 27-mile trip on a jetski.

The dad-of-two, who works as a roofer, failed in his bid to get residency status on the island and was sent packing back to his hometown of Irvine.

Meanwhile, mum-of-two Jessica has reportedly deleted photos of the love-sick adventurer.

Their reported break-up comes after Jessica was charged with an attack on another woman on the island.

The pair have reportedly changed their tune from December when they appeared to be head-over-heels in love.

After Dale's daring journey across the bitterly-cold Irish Sea, Jessica said: "I love Dale. How could I not after what he did?"

She added: "People from Ireland have said, ‘What he did is heroic. You should marry that man.'

“If he asks me, I’ll say yes. It’s definitely a story to tell our grandkids.”

After he was released following a three-day stint in jail, Dale said: "I would do it all over again."

Last week, Jessica appeared via video link in court in her hometown of Douglas charged with actual bodily harm and two counts of causing criminal damage.

She is also accused of breaking Covid lockdown rules.

The pair first met in September last year, when Dale worked on the Isle of Man.

After returning to Scotland, he said he was determined to see Jessica again despite coronavirus restrictions and launched his jetski from the Isle of Whithorn in Dumfriesshire.

But despite battling high waves and losing his GPS device, Dale found the island and then walked 15 miles to Jessica's home.

At the time, he said: "I thought I was lost at sea. But the thought of Jessica kept driving me on."

Dale was slapped with a no entry certificate that bars him from entering the Isle of Man again.

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