Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, paid for rifle he 'used to shoot two men dead' at protest using $1,200 STIMULUS check

KYLE Rittenhouse paid for the rifle he used to allegedly shoot two men dead at the Kenosha protest with a $1,200 stimulus check, reports say.

Rittenhouse, 17, from Illinois is accused of killing two people and wounding on August 25 when people were decrying the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin.

Peaceful protests took place during the day after Blake was left paralyzed but riots and civil unrest raged at night.

The suspected teen shooter participated in a jail house interview with the Washington Post, where he revealed that the government pay out bought his gun.

"I got my $1,200 from the coronavirus Illinois unemployment 'cause I was on furlough from YMCA," he explained. "I got my first unemployment check so I was like 'oh, I'll use this to buy it."

Per his statements to police, a family friend and Kenosha resident Dominic Black, bought the AR15 for Rittenhouse in the spring of 2020.

As a minor, under Wisconsin law, Rittenhouse could only shoot it for target practice under adult supervision but he couldn't own or carry the weapon.

Black told cops that Rittenhouse kept the gun at his dad's house and they would only take it out to go hunting "up north."

Black said that his friend's mom, Wendy Rittenhouse, was supposed to get a Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card and the rifle would be transferred to her, according to his police statements.

Last month, Illinois prosecutors said Rittenhouse never possessed the gun used in the shooting  in-state, which was purchased, stored and used in Wisconsin.

Rittenhouse said he and Black planned to transfer ownership of the gun to him next year when he came of age.

“No, I don't regret [carrying a gun that night]. I feel I had to protect myself,” he told the Post. "I would have died that night if I didn’t.”

He said that he and Black had planned to help a friend, Nick Smith, who told them a local car dealership, Car Source, needed help protecting their business from rioters.

Rittenhouse and Black told cops they thought they would be paid for doing this – but the dealership's owner Sam Olejcik said he didn't hire them, per the New York Times.

On the day of the shooting, the teenager said he, a friend and his sister went to help local businesses and a school to clean up after protests raged the night before.

Rittenhouse said he thought he would just be watching over the businesses and providing first aid to people after his mom insisted his sister went home.

"I was going into a place where people had guns," he told the Post. "And God forbid, somebody brought a gun to me and decided to shoot me, like I wanted to be protected, which I ended up having to protect myself. "

Speaking from a juvenile detention center, Rittenhouse said he couldn't decide whether he wanted to be a police officer, a firefighter or a paramedic growing up.

"I do consider myself patriotic," he told the newspaper, revealing that he always carried a homemade medical kid. "I love our country."

His mom Wendy also told the Post that "if someone was hurt, Kyle would be right there helping you" after slamming Joe Biden for using her son in an ad warning people about white supremacy.

Rittenhouse allegedly killed 36-year-old Joseph Rosenbaum, a homeless man with mental health problems, and Anthony Huber, 26, who hit him with a skateboard per the Post.

The teen gunman had been filmed offering people medical and chatting with journalists before he was captured on camera allegedly shooting Rosenbaum and Huber.

His mother has insisted it was "self defense" and demanded to know "where's the justice for my son?" while his lawyers argue that Rittenhouse did "nothing wrong."

Rosenbaum's fiancee, Kariann Swart said she didn't know why her boyfriend was downtown at the time.

“I don’t think there’s any sort of self-defense when there’s an unarmed person in front of you, and you’re holding an assault rifle two feet away,” she said.

“But yet on the other hand, you know, Joe, you shouldn’t have been down there.”

Rittenhouse – who is facing six charges, including intentional homicide, which carries a life sentence – told cops he "shot two white kids" and  “ended a man’s life” when he turned himself in the next day.

A judge rejected the 17-year-old's request to remain in Illinois, where he was being held at a juvenile facility in Vernon Hills, but he was extradited to Kenosha, Wisconsin at the end of October.

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