LA EMS workers told not to transport patients with ‘little chance of survival’

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Ambulance workers in Los Angeles County have reportedly been told not to transport patients with “little chance of survival” to local hospitals as intensive care units are overwhelmed with COVID patients.

The directive from the Los Angeles County Emergency Medical Services Agency, obtained by CNN, also tells the ambulance workers to “conserve the use of oxygen.”

In Los Angeles, many intensive care units are at capacity as a disastrous wave of the virus surges across Southern California.

According to data from the county, more than 6,000 patients are currently being treated for coronavirus in Los Angeles. Available hospital beds at most ICUs were virtually nonexistent.

Due to these factors, EMS workers were told to “perform resuscitation for at least 20 minutes” if a patient’s heart has stopped instead of taking them to a hospital.

In addition, California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday formed a task force to “evaluate and upgrade outdated oxygen delivery systems” at six Los Angeles area hospitals.

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