Letters to the Editor — March 28, 2021

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Fauci fatigue
Count me among the millions of Americans with Fauci fatigue (“Trust Busters,” Glenn Reynolds, PostOpinion, March 19)

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s constant goalpost-moving (first saying we needed no masks, then recommending mask mandates, gloves, two masks and wearing goggles) has diluted his credibility to the point of self-parody.

His constant drumbeat of negativity only serves to either depress morale or bring out feelings of civil disobedience in normal Americans.

When I see folks driving alone in their cars wearing masks, I feel sorrow for their inability to apply reason to the situation. I can only point to Dr. Fauci as the cause for this type of fear-based behavior.

His gloomy, unreasonable advice, such as wearing masks after being vaccinated, lead one to wish for his happy — and hopefully silent — retirement. With a gold watch and the thanks of a grateful nation, Dr. Fauci, enjoy your golden years.

M. Trefle
Long Branch, NJ

Don’t blame Hasids
I always enjoy reading Steve Cuozzo’s columns, but he pointed the finger at the Hasidic community in particular as being responsible for spreading the virus (“Behind Manhattan’s Low COVID Rates,” PostOpinion, March 20).

While it is true that the Hasidic community was hit very hard by the virus, other communities were hit much harder. Impoverished communities in particular were devastated by the virus.

Dr. Mitchell Katz, chief executive of the city-run hospital system, cites many families, due to poverty, living together in very small apartments as playing a paramount role in spreading the virus.

I believe that it is blatantly unfair for Cuozzo to single out the Hasidic community for bearing the responsibility of spreading the virus in the boroughs.

Les Kurtz

Miami privilege
The chasm between the working stiffs and the privileged couldn’t be more apparent than the uncontrolled mobs of spring breakers in Miami (“Miami Madness,” March 22).

Spring break from what? The different attitudes expressed by some participants truly reflects the “me-me-me” outlook of our youth, suggesting a not very optimistic future.

Samuel Frazer
Fort Myers, Fla.

Harry’s ‘help’
I would like to understand the credentials that Prince Harry has to become an executive of Silicon Valley startup BetterUp — a mental-health platform (“Harry’s new job,” March 24).

He (and his wife) have money, resources and friends. And yet he was too shamed to speak up and get his wife help for suicidal thoughts? It’s mind-boggling.

What does that say about Prince Harry’s white privilege? How will he help those who are decades younger and without a scintilla of money, resources or relationships?

People need real help in the form of easy access to doctors, not another superficial version of New York City’s Thrive program. We need doctors, not Harrys.

Kim Crosby
Darien, Conn.

Saving China dogs
Thank you to the organization No Dogs Left Behind for saving dogs from hellish conditions and brutal deaths on Chinese meat farms (“NJ shelter for China dogs,” March 22).

I wish more farmed animals could be saved in the United States. It’s unbelievable the majority of farmed animals are systematically tortured during mass production.

Pigs, chickens and other animals feel pain and have complex emotions, just like dogs.

James Scotto

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