Love rival smashed mother's face with bottle in nightclub toilet

Love rival smashed mother-of-one’s face with bottle in nightclub toilet in row over man that left her scarred for life

  • Hannah Gwillim, 21, was bottled at venue in Swansea by Jodie Edwards last year
  • Edwards, 22, claimed she was accused of giving victim’s then-boyfriend an STD 
  • Police charged Edwards for attack and she pleaded guilty to GBH without intent
  • 22-year-old was handed a 12-month prison sentence, suspended for two years

A love rival smashed a mother-of-one’s face with a bottle in a nightclub toilet in a row over a man that left her scarred for life.

Hannah Gwillim, 21, was bottled at the venue in Swansea by Jodie Edwards, who previously had a fling with the victim’s now ex-boyfriend.

The 22-year-old said she was goaded by Hannah and accused of giving the mother’s then-partner a sexually transmitted disease.

But Hannah poured scorn on Edwards’ claim after her rival pleaded guilty to the assault at Swansea Crown Court.

Hannah Gwillim (pictured left), 21, was bottled in the toilets of a Swansea nightclub by Jodie Edwards (right), 22, who previously had a fling with her ex-boyfriend

Hannah said: ‘It was carnage, a real bloodbath. I was out for a fun night and ended up being pushed out of the nightclub in a wheelchair and taken to hospital.

‘As a result, I’m scarred for life.’ 

Hannah, from Swansea, recalled how a night out in August last year ended in violence after she got separated from her friends.

She said: ‘I love getting dolled up and hitting Swansea’s bars and nightclubs. In August last year, I was out with the girls for a friend’s birthday.

‘I’d lost my friends earlier in the night and arrived at Fiction, which is Swansea’s largest nightclub, without them.

‘But I knew a lot of people in the club. I was having fun and I knew I’d catch up with my mates later.’

Hannah, above, was left nursing bruised and swollen eyes after being bottled by Edwards

After a few drinks, Hannah remembers needing the toilet.

‘When I flung open the bathroom door, I instantly recognised the woman standing in front of the mirror,’ she says. ‘It was Jodie Edwards.’

‘The year before, she’d slept with my long-term partner. We’d been together four years but when I found out he had cheated on me, it was the end.

‘It was painful at the time but I’d moved on. If I’m honest, our break up was the best thing that could have happened and I thanked him for it.’ 

But Edwards recognised Hannah and their eyes met in the mirror.

Hannah said: ‘Jodie spotted me and smirked knowingly. Without thinking, I laughed in her face and threw my drink over her head.

‘I know it was wrong to do that but it was my first instinct when I saw her smug face. And I didn’t certainly deserve what came next.

‘Jodie smashed a glass bottle over my head twice. I fell to the floor and the last thing I remember, Jodie was hunched over me, hitting me repeatedly.’

When Hannah came round, she was lying in A&E.

Hannah suffered bruises to her arm (left) and was left with a gash in her scalp (right) after she was bottled by love rival Edwards at the nightclub in August last year 

The exchange between Hannah and Edwards, in which she said she had a fling with the mother-of-one’s now ex-boyfriend. Edwards recognised Hannah in the nightclub’s toilets

She commented: ‘There was a gash in my forehead. The back of my head was also cut and I had a broken finger. Medics stitched me up and sent me on my way.

‘My little girl saw my bandaged face the next day and burst into tears. I had to reassure her that mummy would be okay.’

The mother-of-one pieced together the events of the previous night and gave a statement to the police.

Edwards, above, was handed a 12-month prison sentence, suspended for two years 

‘My memory of what happened was hazy but my friends told me that I was being pushed out of the nightclub in a wheelchair covered in blood when they arrived,’ she said. 

‘The walls and the floor of the ladies’ toilets were awash with blood. They were all worried sick about me.’

Police charged Edwards for the attack and she pleaded guilty to GBH without intent at Swansea Crown court last week.

In her defence, she said Hannah accused her of giving her ex-boyfriend a sexually transmitted disease – a claim that Hannah denies.

Edwards was handed a 12-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, and ordered to complete a rehabilitation course.

She was also ordered to pay £1000 in compensation to Hannah.

Hannah said: ‘This was the first I’d heard about a STD and it’s nonsense. My injuries healed well but I’m left with a scar in the centre of my forehead.

‘I’m scarred for life thanks to Edwards but I’ve put what happened behind me and moved on with my life.’

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