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Man, 26, arrested for ‘performing

Taylor Swift’s stalker, 26, is arrested for ‘driving onto Donald Trump’s golf course and performing “donuts” just over a week after breaking into the popstar’s Rhode island mansion’

  • Richard McEwan, 26, allegedly drove onto a Trump golf course and did “donuts” 
  • He is claimed to have performed the act twice on the green of two holes 
  • Trump’s team say they will prosecute and there was nearly $20,000 of damage 
  • This comes over a week after he allegedly broke into Taylor Swift’s mansion
  • McEwan of Milford, New Jersey, was charged with third degree criminal damage 

Richard Joseph McEwan (above), 26, allegedly drove his Ford vehicle onto the Trump golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey, and caused nearly $20,000 of damage

A man has been arrested for allegedly driving onto Donald Trump’s golf course and performing “donuts” just over a week after he is claimed to have broken into Taylor Swift’s multi-million dollar mansion. 

Richard Joseph McEwan, 26, of Milford, New Jersey, has been charged by police for the damage they claim he caused to the green on two of the holes, which totaled nearly $20,000.

An employee at Trump National Golf Course called police after noticing a vehicle spinning on the 11th hole at around 5.30pm on September 3, reported.  

Loud music could be heard from the vehicle and later cops found a plastic piece with a Ford label on it after searching the area.

He then allegedly came back for a second round on Sunday at around 3.30pm when a witnessed claimed to see a blue Ford with a Rutgers sticker, driven by a white male on hole 13.

They identified the driver as McEwan who has since been charged with a third degree count of Criminal Mischief.

A Trump Organization spokesperson told ‘He will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.’ 

McEwan is accused of defacing the lawn on holes 11 and 13 at the Trump National Golf Course

These two alleged incidents come just over a week after McEwan (right) was arrested for breaking into Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island mansion. He posed a $5,000 for the incident 

The home owned by Taylor Swift (above) is worth $6.65million was allegedly broken into by McEwan is believed to be the third man to attempt it this summer

This is the second criminal incident McEwan has been charged with in just over a week.

He was accused of scaling a wall to gain access into Taylor Swift’s $6.65million mansion in Westerly, Rhode Island, on August 30.

McEwan was allegedly caught inside the 11,744-square-foot home after he triggered a motion sensor alarm that alerted police.

When officers and the security guard then investigated the disturbance they found McEwan standing in the foyer, having taken his orange shoes off out of politeness when being in someone else’s home, police said. 

Police say they searched the seven-bedroom, nine-bathroom house and eventually came across the intruder who then made a run for it, it was reported by

McEwan allegedly got into the house by breaking a glass door before he made himself at home and wandered through the plush pad, which Swift bought in April 2013 after breaking up with Conor Kennedy.

The luxury mansion overlooks 700 feet of shoreline with views of Block Island Sound and Montauk Point.

He posted $5,000 bond for the charges of breaking and entering a home without the owner’s consent and willful trespassing. 

For the most recent allegations at the golf course, Trump was reported to not be at the location but did spend time there during July, according to his public schedule.

During his presidency he has spent 90 days at the property making it the second-most popular resort he has stayed in, behind Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, NBC reported. 

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