Meghan Markle's dad slams claims he faked heart attacks to win sympathy over staged paparazzi pics

Thomas Markle, 74, has produced a series of medical notes, bills and letters showing he did suffer two heart attacks.

At the time rumours circulated that he had faked a heart attack in order to have an excuse not to attend his daughter’s wedding to Prince Harry after staged paparazzi pictures emerged.

He said: “I had two heart attacks, the second of which the doctor called a widow-maker and nearly killed me.”

Mr Markle dismissed the rumours about his fake heart attack, as well as the ones which say he didn’t attend Meghan’s first wedding as “bulls**t”.

In an interview with the Mail on Sunday, he produced a pile of papers showing he had suffered two heart attacks.

The first one was on the weekend before the wedding and was in a Mexico hospital for a day and a half.

He then drove to Los Angeles to deliver flowers to his ex-wife Doria before falling ill again when he returned to his home in Rosarito.

Mr Markle said: “The doctors told me I was having a second heart attack. I had a blocked artery which they call the widow maker.

“A friend took me across the border to a US hospital and they saved my life.”

He was discharged from Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center in California on May 17 after racking up a bill of just under $130,000 (£88,760).

Mr Markle also rubbished claims he did not attend Meghan’s first wedding to film producer Trevor Engelson in 2011.

He produced a photo of him with Meghan in Ocho Rios, Jamaica just moments before he and Doria walked with her to the Jamaica Inn, where the wedding was being held.

Mr Markle also produced his plane ticket for the four-day trip, along with an invitation.

He also rubbished the idea he was never close to his daughter, producing an array of cards and letters from her, including a Valentine’s card where she had written: “I love you with all of my heart now and forever.”

She signed it Bean, her childhood nickname.

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