Merriam-Webster Dictionary Trolls Trump For His ‘Scott Free’ Tweet

President Donald Trump is known to make typos and misspellings in his online rants. On Monday, he did it once more, tweeting out his disappointment and belief that family members of his former “fixer” lawyer Michael Cohen would be let off “Scott Free” for the crimes he admitted to doing himself.

The term is not “Scott Free,” however, but rather “scot-free” — as the Twitter account for Merriam-Webster Dictionary made clear in their social media posting.

“‘Scot-free’: completely free from obligation, harm, or penalty,” the account tweeted out.

And what about what Trump had written? Merriam-Webster had a definition for that as well. “‘Scott Free’: some guy, probably,” they wrote.

Trump’s tweets on Monday morning indicated that he had wanted to see Cohen go to jail for the crimes he admitted to committing. As for the implications Cohen made in his plea deal, however, regarding Trump’s knowledge of business dealings still going on between his company and the Russian government (which lasted up until the time Trump officially became the Republican nominee for president in June 2016), the president made clear that he considered Cohen to be lying to investigators in order to get a better plea deal.

“He lied for this outcome and should, in my opinion, serve a full and complete sentence,” Trump said, per previous reporting from the Inquisitr.

Some have taken issue with Trump’s pronouncement, however, suggesting that documents Cohen submitted to special counsel Robert Mueller, who is leading the Russia inquiry, corroborate the lawyer’s version of events.

Adam Klasfeld, a reporter for Courthouse News, said Trump was wrong in his assessment. “Set aside ‘Scott Free’ for a moment,” Klasfeld said in his tweet. “Trump is lying here in claiming Michael Cohen’s guilty plea is a lie. Cohen’s plea is corroborated by text messages that BuzzFeed since made public.”

Klasfeld also pointed out that Cohen, in his guilty plea made last week, “anticipated this very attack from Trump,” including in a second tweet an image of Cohen’s sentencing memo that read, “[Cohen] acted knowing that the result would be personal attacks on him by the President, a bevy of advisers and public relations specialists, and political supporters” of Trump.

It’s not clear as yet where the investigation will go from here, as Mueller has kept much of his inquiry tightly guarded and close to his chest. One person who we can probably count on not facing any scrutiny from Mueller, however, is the fictional individual named “Scott Free.”

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