Middle Eastern website says Newcastle is a worse city than Yemen

Middle Eastern website describes Newcastle as a ‘remote tribal community’ worse than Yemen and says Geordies have a ‘well-documented penchant for violence’, as Saudi prince launches takeover of the city’s football team

  • A Middle Eastern website published an opinion piece criticising Newcastle
  • The article described the city as ‘remote’ and ‘tribal’ with ‘volatile’ residents
  • Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman could take over the city’s football team
  • The article criticised the city’s football fans and also the ‘Geordie lasses’ 

A Middle Eastern website has slammed the city of Newcastle and its residents in an article discussing the potential takeover of Newcastle United by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The opinion article, published on ‘Inside Arabia’ and written by Tom Pollitt, describes Newcastle as a ‘remote, tribal community’ which is worse to live in than war-torn Yemen. 

Mr Pollitt also claims it is ‘illegal not to drink’ in Newcastle and also criticises the dress sense of ‘Geordie lasses’. 

Newcastle has been described as a ‘remote, tribal community’ where it is ‘illegal not to drink’ and is a worse place to live in than Yemen by a Middle Eastern website

The article, written in ‘Inside Arabia’ by Tom Pollitt, states that Newcastle football fans have  ‘well-documented penchant for violence’ and are ‘volatile and arrogant on a night out’

The author of the piece accuses the people of Newcastle of having a ‘well-documented penchant for violence’ and being ‘volatile and arrogant’ and incomprehensible to outsiders.

The article reads: ‘Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) is the de facto ruler of a desert Kingdom where drinking alcohol is officially illegal and, until recently, half of the population were prohibited from driving simply for being women. 

‘It may seem surprising therefore that he has taken interest in the rainy British city of Newcastle, a place where it is unofficially illegal not to drink alcohol.’

Crown Prince bin Salman is looking to claim a majority stake in the north East club and is reportedly preparing a bid worth £300million.

The ‘Inside Arabia’ article continued its comparisons between the Saudi prince’s place of origin and the city where he is looking to make his sporting investment. 

The article claims: ‘At first glance, Newcastle and Saudi Arabia are stark opposites. Newcastle-born women are unlikely to be seen sporting head-to-toe black cloth in the desert sun. 

‘On the contrary, Geordie lasses are renowned for queuing outside night-clubs in sub-zero temperatures, wearing outfits flimsier than MbS’ alibi for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

‘In fact, aside from a shared, well-documented penchant for violence, MbS has little in common with Newcastle folk. So, what could he possibly want with them?

‘For a man notorious for his opposition to freedom of speech, it will be refreshing for him to get involved with a city where outsiders cannot understand a word the locals are saying.’

The article also states that outsiders ‘do not understand’ Geordies say and that the city’s women wear outfits flimsier than the Corwn prince’s alibi for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi

The article mentions how the CIA refer to the Saudi prince as ‘volatile and arrogant’, which, according to Inside Arabia, ‘makes him sound like a Newcastle fan on a night out.’

Labour MP for Newcastle Central Chi Onwurah reacted angrily to the piece, branding it ‘cheap, shoddy journalism’.

She tweeted: ‘They say -“Our vision is to build bridges of understanding between Arabs and Americans to promote peace and tolerance.” – obviously by stereotyping & insulting everyone else.

‘Dear @saeb_sakkijha, CEO of @Inside Arabia by so grossly insulting & patronising #Geordies, people living in the region & #NUFC fans you undermine both your reputation & the interests of the causes you serve.’

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