Moment Chris Watts is handcuffed and led away for murder of his pregnant wife and two young daughters

The family murdering monster is made to face the wall of an interrogation wall before being shackled and loaded into the back of a car.

Watts pleaded guilty to murdering Shannan, Celeste and Bella to avoid the death penalty.

In the new clip, the cold-hearted killer is wearing t-shirt, shorts and flip flops as officers secure him.

Cops' Bodycam footage shows him being patted down and searched.

An officer tells him: "Chris, stand up for me, I'm going to have you face that wall."

The new video comes hours after footage of the moment police told the lying murderer he had failed a polygraph test.

And another of him calmly buying breakfast hours after the killings.

Last week video was released showing the moment Chris Watts confessed to his dad that he killed his pregnant wife – but still blaming her for their daughter's deaths.

Talking to cops in interview, Watts said he took his daughters home, gave them both showers, fed them snacks and tucked them into bed.

Hours later they were murdered, alongside their mum Shannan.

He sobbed in court as he pleaded guilty to five counts of murder in the first degree, three counts of tampering with a deceased human body, and one count of unlawful termination of a pregnancy.

Earlier we revealed video of the chilling Chris Watts confessed to his dad – but still blamed his wife for their daughter's deaths.

His secret lover, Nichol Kessinger, broke down to cops after learning of his sick crimes.


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