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Mum ‘beat toddler to death and left him with a torn heart’ because two-year-old couldn’t WALK

The 27-year-old mum, who cannot be named for legal reasons, became angry because the toddler kept falling over at a Sydney home, her brother told cops.

She allegedly left the boy with “catastrophic internal injuries” consistent with falling from a building or being in a car crash, including a torn heart.

“(The mother) hit him with a belt, sandal and open hand ‘a thousand times’ trying to get him to walk,” the magistrate read from the brother’s statement.

“The deceased had trouble standing and was falling down. She was angry and dragging the deceased along.”

The details emerged as the 27-year-old mother faced court for the first time six months after the child arrived unresponsive at Westmead Hospital on August 3.

The toddler could not be revived.

A forensic pathologist, who conducted the autopsy, found the boy had bruises all over his body.


He had bruising on lung, diaphragm, bowel, gall bladder and heart, The Daily Telegraph reported.

The little boy had a torn ventricle in his heart and a torn oesophagus, the court heard.

The court heard the boy's small body also had three-week-old fractures to his skull, leg and shoulder.

When she arrived at court, the mum reportedly spat at a cameraman while being taken away, according to Daily Mail Australia.

The woman, wearing a green corrective services shirt, sat silently, arms wrapped around herself, as the magistrate explained she could be sentenced to life behind bars.


The magistrate noted the prosecution case wasn’t weak but was largely circumstantial and featured a witness statement from an unnamed individual and the toddler’s brother.

The unnamed witness, the court heard, asked the woman about the boy’s injuries after hearing an argument break out in which other adults demanded the child be taken to hospital.

The mother allegedly told the witness: “I’m in God’s hands now.”

The two-year-old spent part of his short life in foster care but was returned to his biological family before he suffered “catastrophic internal injuries”.

The woman who is believed to have fostered the child for 18 months said in January: “He was the happiest baby.”

“We do not know much, but it would be amazing just for some closure for our family if someone comes forward with some information.”

The boy’s mother and 34-year-old father were arrested by police at a unit in North Parramatta on Wednesday and charged, respectively, with murder and concealing an indictable offence.

The court heard the woman had no history of violence, would post $300,000 surety and would live under strict conditions with a friend if released — but the magistrate denied her bail.

The father didn’t apply for bail and it was formally refused. He is expected to reappear via video link on March 7.

The mother is expected to reappear in court on May 2.

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