Mum of Brit model, 21, who died falling from notorious Aussie selfie cliff begs trolls to stop mocking her daughter – The Sun

THE mother of a British Instagram model who fell to her death at a notorious selfie cliff has hit back at trolls who mocked her online.

Madalyn Davis, 21, plunged 100ft after climbing over a fence to pose for a sunrise photo in Diamond Bay near Sydney, Australia.

As tributes poured in from friends, Madalyn's mother said the family were hurt by comments from "nasty people" online.

Rebecca Smith said: "My daughter was not self-obsessed she was a wonderful beautiful person that made a mistake.

"How can you write such things? She has a little sister and brother who be reading this.

"Madalyn was loved, she had integrity and decency.

"If you need to believe otherwise in order to feel better about yourself then that's your pain.

"Fill your boots you nasty people, you are the one that has to sleep with yourself at night."

And she added: "She always wanted to be famous so thank you trolls you are making this happen."

Rebecca also posted photos of her daughter on Instagram, calling her "my little weirdo".

Madalyn, from Lincoln, quit her job as a makeup artist to go travelling last year.

Her Instagram account – with 20,000 followers – showed her partying in Thailand and Bali before she arrived in Australia.

Last month she wrote: "Not looked back at my old life once (miss my job though) and I am super excited for my future abroad."

Her last post showed her licking an ice cream in Sydney's Bondi beach a few days before she died.


She had been to a party in posh suburb Vaucluse on Saturday night before she and seven pals went to see the sunrise over the ocean.

It is believed she was posing for a photo when she fell from cliffs at Diamond Bay around 6.30am on Sunday.

Rescuers found her body in the water four hours later.

Family friend Lydia Woodward said: "Maddy had been at a party and then they all went to this cliff to take pictures.

"It appears that Maddy was sitting on the cliff edge to have her picture taken when she fell. It's such a tragedy."

Pal Meg Feather wrote online: “What happened to Maddy was a mistake and no one should be blamed especially not her.”

Another friend said: “Nobody needs to be commenting nasty or hurtful comments on her page, she has just lost her LIFE.

“It’s so cruel to see. You should be utterly ashamed of yourselves.”

The spectacular cliffs at Diamond Bay have become popular with tourists seeking Instagram-worthy selfies.

Last August a 27-year-old woman from Sydney fell to her death after reportedly climbing a safety fence for a photo.

Only two months before, the local Waverley council had said it would crack down on thrillseekers risking their lives for a selfie.

It said: “There is an ongoing and justifiable concern that visitors are irresponsibly endangering themselves and others by crossing over fencing and boundary lines and positioning themselves on the cliff ledge.”

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