Mystery ‘COVID-19 Exposure Logging’ function ‘appears in settings on iPhones and Android devices’ – The Sun

A MYSTERY "COVID-19 Exposure Logging" function has appeared in settings on iPhones and Android devices.

COVID-19 Exposure Logging can be accessed by iPhone and Android users through the "settings" section of both phones.

The features allow for contact tracing when the connecting phone apps are downloaded.

To access the COVID logging feature on iPhones, users must go under "settings," then click on "privacy," and lastly "health."

Android users can reportedly access the secretive feature by clicking "settings," then google, and then "settings" again.

According to the feature: "When enabled, iPhone can exchange random IDs with other devices using bluetooth.

"This enables an app to notify you if you may have been exposed to COVID-19."

It also informs users that Exposure Logging is unable to access any data or add data to the Health app.

Anyone with an iPhone who is unable to see the feature should complete the latest iOS  13.5.1software update and try again.

The feature, which allows users to opt-in or out, explains: "You cannot turn on Exposure Logging without an authorized app installed that can send Exposure Notifications.

"When enabled iPhone can exchange random IDs with other devices using Bluetooth.

"The random IDs your device collects are stored in an exposure log for 14 days. This exposure log allows an app you authorize to notify you if you may have been exposed to COVID-19.

"If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 you can choose to share your own device’s random IDs with the authorized app so it can notify others anonymously."

One Twitter user slammed the feature, saying: "There is surely a world of difference between voluntarily downloading a tracing app and having it thrown at you without your say-so. Orwellian."

According to the DailyMail, iPhone and Android users in both the United States and the United Kingdom have obtained the software without having a government tracing app available for download.

People living in Germany were able to download the government-backed app – but said it drained their phone battery, the DailyMail reported.

Despite some fears of the technology tracking users, the setting option allows the app to be turned off completely, if one doesn't choose to use it.

Users have the option to decide whether or not they want to download the app connected the Exposure Logging.

Back in April, Facebook started offering some users a Covid-19 symptom tracker survey.

This voluntary survey appears at the top of the Facebook app news feed and aims to identify coronavirus hotspots.

Facebook explained on its blog: "As part of Facebook’s Data for Good program, we offer maps on population movement that researchers and nonprofits are already using to understand the coronavirus crisis, using aggregated data to protect people’s privacy.

"We heard from them how valuable this information can be in responding to COVID-19, and today we’re announcing new tools to support their work."

These new tools include "three new types of Disease Prevention Maps to help inform disease forecasting efforts and protective measures."

These maps, which could find out if social distancing is working, have been announced alongside the survey which will be for people in the US.

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