Naked ‘Butt Squad’ models arrested in Dubai held boozy ‘dry run’ photoshoot in plush ski resort six weeks earlier

THE ‘Butt Squad’ detained for the lewd photoshoot in Dubai had a dry run six weeks ago in the snow of the Carpathian Mountains. 

At least half a dozen of the women known to have been on the notorious picture in the United Arab Emirates were also at a February birthday bash at Ukrainian winter resort Bukovel.

And one more known to have been in Dubai – who denies posing nude – also attended the three day mountain party. 

The event included a nighttime plunge in an open air pool by the group nicknamed the ‘Butt Squad’ in flimsy swimwear.

A large group of women were attending a 41st birthday party for playboy Vitaliy Grechin, who is believed to be the organiser of the scandalous Dubai event. 

Dozens  are seen in the snow dancing around Grechin in white bunny costumes. 

He posted his gratitude  to his “harem”, saying in English: "Wanted to thank all of you for your much awaited birthday wishes.”

He added: “Due to social distance restrictions, I had to apply strict testing procedures to all of the guests, and it took a special type of result to get an invite.

“Hoping that next year will allow me to see many more of my friends, that I miss most, and we can once again create great energy together!" 

The Carpathian Mountain party was organised by Igor Posypayko, 42, a Ukrainian TV presenter, producer, and showman.

Among those at both events were lawyer-turned-model  Yana Graboschuk, 27, who posted a picture kissing Grechin, wishing him a happy birthday.

She also posted a video showing him with a birthday cake at the bash in Bukovel, the largest ski resort in eastern Europe. 

She was identified in the rear view balcony picture in Dubai by her distinctive tattoo. 

Her family thought she was on vacation and were shocked to hear of her arrest over the nude stunt. 

Yana’s brother Taras, 20, said the family had no idea why she was visiting the city and were “shocked” when they found out what she had been up to in Dubai.

“She went on holiday, and then I don't know what came next," he said.

“Yes, she had planned a photo shoot there… But I had no more information about it.”

Yana is a law graduate who was unable to find a job in her chosen field, the MailOnline reports.

She worked as a waitress, a hostess at a restaurant and then a brewery before starting as a model a year or so ago.

Yana showed her friends and family pictures of her breakfasts, swimming pool dips, and sports cars on her trip to Dubai.

At both events, too, was Anastasia Kashuba, 21, and a model named Diana. 

Anastasia, who broke her arm in the February get-together, was also on the balcony in Dubai.

A second model called Anastasia was also at both. 

So was Ekaterina ‘Kate’ Kashenko and Maria Chebotaeva.

A seventh, Marianna Fedchuk, 21, was at the Ukrainian dry run party and in Dubai, but denies being on the balcony picture. 

In her ‘cheeky’ riposte to claims she was nude in Dubai, she posted several nude pictures of herself and said: “I advise you to follow my page more closely, so you can at least distinguish naked me from the other naked girls.”

A model who was in Bukovel, but not in Dubai, called Valeria, confirmed about her friends on the UAE trip: 'All the girls were ready for nude photography, but not more. 

“It's an open question why all of them did not check the laws of the country. 

“If you noticed – there are no men in these pictures, no orgies and no Arabs. 

“The organiser and the photographer are of Ukrainian origin.”


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