Newlywed couple's first dance goes terribly wrong when the bride dislocates her knee in freak accident

A NEWLYWED couple's first dance quickly turned sour when the bride dislocated her knee after her husband dipped her in a freak accident.

The couple ended their reception in the emergency room as doctors popped her knee back in place.

In a shocking video, TikTok user Liz Richter gave a glimpse into her brother's stunning wedding in June which ended in pure chaos.

At the beginning of the video, the happy couple kissed after tying the knot and even surprised their families with an innovative first dance, but sadly, things turned sour quickly.

In a final dance move where the groom dipped his wife, followers could see the moment she buckled and cries out in pain because her knee had popped out of place.

After she clutched unto her husband and he scrambled to figure out what was wrong, she was forced to limp off the dance floor as her bridesmaids quickly rushed to her aid.

Ironically, the wedding photographed kept snapping away as she was carried out of the wedding in a stretcher.

As if out of a movie, the bride was filmed being wheeled out of the hospital after she had gotten medical attention while still wearing her wedding dress.

The newlywed couple even snapped a few pics with their nurse as the bride sported a new leg brace.

Hopefully the bride and groom were able to reschedule their honeymoon or at least enjoy it from the comfort of a massive hotel room.

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