Notorious 'Mr Big' punched innocent man in the face for complaining about wife parking Porsche on double yellows

A NOTORIOUS "Mr Big" punched an innocent man in the face for complaining about his wife parking her Porsche on double yellow lines.

Ex-gangster John Gizzi attacked and put Ben Haworth-Booth in a headlock after he took photos of the illegally parked car.

Good citizen Mr Haworth-Booth had no idea it was the car of the wife of the town's infamous "Mr Big", jailed over a string of crimes, a court heard.

And Mr Haworth-Booth was left terrified when driver Rachel Parland called her husband to sort things out in St Asaph, North Wales.

Rachel rang her partner Gizzi and shouted: "You'll be sorry when you find out who my husband is."

Gizzi, 49, tracked his victim down before putting him in a headlock and punching him in the face.

Mr Haworth-Booth told the court: "His chest was all puffed out and his arms were swinging.

"He said: 'You've upset my wife. You've been bullying my wife'.

"He told me he was John Gizzi. I was really scared. I know who John Gizzi is and his reputation.

"Everyone knows John Gizzi. He's in the paper all the time."

Mr Haworth-Booth said he feared for his life and could be heard shouting "Help! Help! Help!" as he recorded the attack on his phone.

Adam Warner, prosecuting, said: "Gizzi accused Mr Haworth-Booth of calling him a wife-beater, a drug dealer and an ape.

"Gizzi punched Mr Haworth-Booth, damaged his glasses and got him in a headlock."

Cocaine trafficker Gizzi, known as 'Rhyl's Mr Big', was jailed in 2006 for beating up two homeless men with wooden staves.

He was released after three years of a five-and-a-half year sentence.

But in 2011 he was jailed for 11 years after admitting conspiring to bring cocaine into Wales.

His nine-strong gang were locked up for a total of 66 years.

Gizzi, of St Asaph, denied the assault on Mr Haworth-Booth and criminal damage in July.

But he was found guilty by Deputy District Judge Andrew Webb at Llandudno magistrates court.

He will be sentenced next month.

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