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Nursery workers charged with child abuse after being filmed waving a doll in front of a screaming two-year-old girl

TWO nursery workers are being charged with child abuse after a video of them waving a doll in front of a screaming two-year-old girl emerged.

Diana Willett was seen waving the toy at the little girl while colleague Tasha Cox filmed her at Wendy’s Wonderland in Monticello, Kentucky, earlier this month.

The child's mum Katie Gabie said the two women reportedly knew the child was afraid of dolls and small animals, and continued to scare her anyway.

Gabie shared an uncensored version of the clip on Facebook, writing: "This is my child being taunted and scared to death by a doll by all the workers at Wendy’s Wonderland on old 90, they KNOW she is Scared to death of everything!

"She is a premiee (premature baby) and has a lot of delays and is literally scared of everything, dogs, cats, dolls, any little toys that make any kind of noise just anything and they all know this!"

The video was shared on Facebook and shows the girl hiding under a table, crying and shoving the doll away as the singing caregiver waves it close.

The caregiver later comments that the girl won't stop crying.

Willett was arrested on Monday and charged with criminal child abuse, reported Fox News.

Cox was arrested and charged with failure to report the abuse.

Despite the strong opinion the child's mother has of the workers, many disagree with her and instead believe they were just trying to do their job.

A Wendy’s Wonderland spokesman told WKYT the employees were using different techniques to help the child and doesn't believe the employees did anything wrong.

A parent who was dropping off the child at the daycare also said she had no problems with the services she receives.

She told WKYT: “From what I know it’s one complaint from one parent who is unhappy.

"No interviews that I know of with any other parent. No allegations from any other parent.”

Daycare workers arrested after one posts video of what mom claims is worker taunting her 2 year old child. The latest from Monticello @WKYT at 1230.

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