NYC parents filing class action suit to force full reopening of public schools

A group of fed up city parents is suing the city to force the full reopening of the nation’s largest school system.

Organized by City Councilman Joe Borelli of Staten Island, the families are stressing the damage being wrought by screen-dependent remote learning in making their demand.

Some parents were scheduled to rally in front of a Staten Island courthouse Wednesday to draw attention to their cause.

The group will be “announcing the filing of a class action lawsuit against the New York City Department of Education seeking an injunction to ending remote learning and bring children back into the classroom,” according to a press release from Borelli’s office.

The councilman has recently questioned if remote learning satisfies state laws that guarantee public school parents a basic education.

“We have large cities opening, there are models in Dallas and Miami,” he tweeted in advance of Wednesday’s event. “We don’t have to settle the best Chancellor Carranza and Mayor de Blasio can do.”

Borelli said the suit will be filed later Wednesday.

Mayor Bill de Blasio partially reopened city schools with a model that has them alternate between home and classroom learning.

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