NYPD K9 teams get disaster training

These dogs rock.

Half a dozen NYPD canines headed off to disaster school this weekend — where they were certified ready to sniff out victims buried in rubble after a cataclysmic event.

The dogs — along with fellow K9 officers from states such as New Jersey, Florida, California, Ohio and Virginia — went through their rigorous series of exercises at The Fresh Kills Canine Training Facility in Staten Island on Saturday and Sunday.

“These dogs are the ones who are gonna be searching for people under rubble,” Det. Scott Mateyaschuk, lead trainer with the NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit K9 Unit, told The Post.

The brave pups and their handlers were given 20 minutes to traverse through a massive pile of rubble — which was meant to mimic what a city filled with crushed buildings would look like after a natural disaster.

The pups scoured a large hill of broken cement, metal tubes, copper bars — and even a car and boat — to pick up the scent of NYPD officers standing in for any live victims that would be stuck beneath the wreckage.

It took hardly any time at all for the sharp sniffers on these four-legged heros to locate their targets in the chaotic test scene.

“[If] there’s a building collapse in New York City and somebody’s unconscious under the collapse, the dogs will sniff them out and find them and they’ll give a bark alert and that’s when we’ll start doing the extrication,” said Mateyaschuk.

One of the dogs tested on Saturday was a 3-year-old NYPD K9 named Tuz.

The animal was named after 19-year NYPD veteran and dad-of-two Sgt. Paul Tuozzolo, who was shot dead by a career criminal in The Bronx in 2016.

Tuz sniffed his way through a mountain of debris where there were three victims — and found them all in five minutes — making his handler proud.

“Today exceeded expectations for me,” said Officer Dan Bosco, Tuz’s handler. “What they can do is amazing,” he added, referring to his four-legged partner.

The elaborate FEMA test consisted of two courses — one where dogs had to go through a debris pile on their own for 20-minutes and the other where they worked in tandem with their trainers over the same time allotment.

“It’s pretty amazing what these dogs can do with their nose,” said Officer Christina Orlando, part of a K9 unit in New York’s Task Force One. “Their sense of smell is so sensitive.”

The NYPD’s Task Force One is already known to step in when disasters hit. Six of their K9 units went down to North Carolina in September to help with search and rescue operations in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.

The NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit K9 has 45 dogs — 12 of which are now FEMA certified.

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