NYPD watchdog says 39 cops should be disciplined over George Floyd protests

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The Civilian Complaint Review Board has recommended discipline against 39 officers over their response in last year’s George Floyd protests — including departmental charges against 14 of them, according to a new report released Monday.

The city’s police watchdog issued an update on its investigation into the NYPD’s handling of the protests last summer, saying it has so far substantiated 26 complaints of misconduct against the nearly 40 officers.

The 14 cops the agency recommended charges against include Enrico Lauretta, who had a pair of complaints sustained for discourtesy and offensive language after flashing a white power sign during a June demonstration.

The CCRB also said it’s still awaiting interviews from officers in 38 of its 147 open investigations.

The majority of the cases with charges were for complaints of force and abuse of authority, according to the update.

One officer, who had a sustained force charge, also provided an untruthful statement, the agency said.

Seven officers are expected to get a B-level command discipline, which is a penalty of up to 10 days, while the board recommended the lowest level of discipline, up to five days, for the remaining 17 cops.

The details of the cases were not immediately known.

The CCRB received hundreds of complaints from the protests over the summer, which resulted in 303 cases.

As of Monday, 49 of those investigations have been completed but are pending board review.

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea has final say in the reprimands but has said he will follow the disciplinary matrix guidelines.

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