Pelosi slammed over bid to set up 'skewed' commission to probe deadly Capitol riot

NANCY Pelosi is being slammed over her bid to set up a “skewed” Democrat-led committee to probe the deadly Capitol riot. 

Republicans who previously backed an independent committee to investigate January 6 have branded Pelosi’s latest scheme a “turbo-charged partisan exercise” instead of an “honest fact-finding body.” 

New York Rep John Katko issued a statement on Monday in which he panned Pelosi’s push for a select committee and said he would have a “hard time” imagining he would participate. 

Katko was among the House Republicans who struck a deal on a bipartisan probe that would have included five representatives from each party. 

Yet after this commission was shot down by Republicans in the Senate, Pelosi is seeking other ways to investigate the Capitol riot. 

She announced last week that she would propose a 13-person panel, appointing eight members herself. 

The other five would be chosen in consultation with House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy. 

"I led the charge to create a January 6th commission that would be external, independent, bipartisan, and equitable in membership and subpoena power,” Katko said in his statement on Monday. 

"The select committee proposed by Speaker Pelosi is literally the exact opposite of that.

"The select committee would have a skewed, 8 Democrat and 5 Republican panel of members, all 13 of whom would ultimately be picked by the Speaker herself," the New York lawmaker added. 

"It would be a turbo-charged partisan exercise, not an honest fact-finding body that the American people and the Capitol Police deserve. For those reasons, I will not support its creation when voted upon."

Katko branded Pelosi’s plan a “deeply disappointing departure” from a “truly bipartisan solution.”

“I have a hard time envisioning a scenario where I would participate if asked,” he said. 

His comments appeared to rule him out of the running after a Pelosi aide told CBS that she is "seriously considering including a Republican among her eight appointments to the Select Committee.”

Katko would have been a prime option after his previous support for a probe. 

As a ranking member of the House Homeland Security Committee, Katko agreed to a deal on a bipartisan commission earlier this year with House Homeland Security Committee Chair Bennie Thompson, a Democrat. 

The commission passed the House by 252 to 175. 

Yet it failed to pass the Senate despite six rebel Republicans breaking from party lines and standing against Trump. 

Pelosi slammed Senate Republicans on Monday as she claimed that many of them had only voted against the commission as a “personal favor” to Minority leader Mitch McConnell. 

"Senate Republicans did Mitch McConnell a 'personal favor' rather than their patriotic duty and voted against the bipartisan commission negotiated by Democrats and Republicans," Pelosi said. 

"But Democrats are determined to find the truth."

As she announced the select committee last week, the House Speaker  called the riot "one of the darkest days in our nation's history" and insisted that her committee will probe "the facts and causes of the attack."

She added that the group will have "as long as it takes" to investigate.

The House Speaker did not offer details on who will be part of the committee, how long it will last, or who will testify.

She introduced the bill to establish the committee on Tuesday morning.

Yet it looks like she could receive less support from Republicans in the House than before.

More than three dozen Republicans in the House and seven Senate Republicans said they wanted to avoid a partisan probe.

They supported the legislation to form a commission, which would have been modeled after a similar panel that investigated the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Many Republicans have also made clear that they want to move on from the January 6 attack.

They have brushed aside many unanswered questions about January 6, including how the government and law enforcement missed intelligence leading up to the rioting and the role of Trump.

He was impeached for the second time on charges he incited the violence but was cleared.

Some Republicans have gone so far as to downplay the violence, with one suggesting the rioters looked like tourists.

Another insisted that Ashli Babbitt, who was shot and killed that day while trying to break into the House chamber through a window, was “executed.”

Earlier this month, 21 Republicans voted against giving medals of honor to Capitol Police and Metropolitan Police to thank them for their service that day.

Dozens of those officers suffered injuries, including chemical burns, brain injuries, and broken bones.

Seven people died during and after the rioting, including Babbitt, three other Trump supporters who died of medical emergencies, and two police officers who died by suicide in the days that followed.

A third officer, Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, collapsed and later died after engaging with the protesters, but a medical examiner determined he died of natural causes.

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