PETA ripped for comparing ‘speciest’ language with racism, homophobia

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is in the doghouse for comparing “speciesist” language with racism and homophobia.

The animal-rights group warned this week against using common phrases like “Kill two birds with one stone” and “Beating a dead horse.” Instead, it wants people to say: “Feed two birds with one scone” and “Feeding a fed horse” so as not to promote anti-animal sentiment.

“Words matter, and as our understanding of social justice evolves, our language evolves along with it,” PETA tweeted Tuesday.

“Just as it became unacceptable to use racist, homophobic, or ableist language, phrases that trivialize cruelty to animals will vanish as more people begin to appreciate animals for who they are,” they added. 

The suggestion was met with fierce backlash from people who said “speciesist” language just isn’t the same as spewing racism and homophobia.

“PETA is always conflating their work with the struggles of black people, queer people, and other people of color I’m so glad I just had steak for lunch,” tweeted @Ira, the host of Crooked Media’s “Keep It” podcast.

Added @Clairegcoleman: ” Any chance you had of getting my respect is gone @peta. This tweet of yours, equating ‘speciesism’ with racism, homophobia and ableism is deeply disturbing.”

Many people also wondered if the group didn’t have bigger fish to fry.

“Is this really the fight? Like of all the problems we face… you want us to ‘bring home the bagels’…k I’ll remember that when climate changes wipes out humanity, at least i didn’t offend my dinner…,” tweeted @TrevorEhlenbach 

Several other people just responded with pictures of meat being grilled — and one woman tweeted “Kiss my” with a picture of a donkey.

“That’s it. I’m killing an armadillo for no reason,” comedian Chris D’Elia joked. 

PETA responded with a message Wednesday: “To the haters: with so much negativity in the world, why not lighten up and use language in a way that encourages being kind to animals?” it tweeted.

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