Police hunt ANOTHER idiot Audi drive filming himself hitting 200MPH

Police hunt ANOTHER idiot Audi driver who filmed himself hitting 200MPH on M20 motorway

  • Police are on the search for another reckless driver who terrifying speeds 
  • A man uploaded a clip of his Audi reaching 200mph on the M20 motorway 
  • Showing scant regard for others he was heard shouting: ‘F*** the feds’ 
  • The video comes day after another Audi driver filmed himself doing likewise 

Another horrifying video has emerged showing an Audi driver exceeding speeds of 200mph as he exclaims ‘f**k the feds’.

The driver can be heard cackling with laughter as he darts in front of a lorry on a roundabout in a startling near miss.

The sat nav on the dash of the car appears to show the man driving on the Londonbound A2 Watling Street from Gravesend, Kent, as he goes on to audibly boast: ‘We’re not bothered’ and ‘lockdown my f*****g balls bruv, who’s locking me down?’. 

In a second video posted by the London & UK Crime Twitter account, the driver can be seen taking scant regard for others travelling on the busy M20 stretch in Kent while shouting ‘come on bruv, what are you saying babe, f*****g 200 bruv’ as the speedometer passes the double century.

Police are on the hunt for another reckless driver after a man took to social media to show off reaching speeds of 200mph on the Londonbound A2 Watling Street from Gravesend

Despite the rocketing speeds the man continued to film, shouting excitedly over the footage about defying lockdown guidelines

The vehicle topped out at 200mph, before the careless driver let his foot off the gas in order to navigate a rapidly approaching roundabout. 

Detective Superintendent Andy Cox, Met Police’s lead for their Vision Zero road safety campaign, quoted the video on Twitter and said: ‘Unfortunately more horrific driving.

‘I have tasked investigative work to see if we can identify the car involved and location.

‘Needless to say if in #London we will do all we can to seek the most robust action possible. If outside London we will support the relevant Force.’

Kent Police’s Road Policing Unit later added: ‘We have noted the video which displays horrendous driving and shows scant regard for others.

‘Anyone with any information please contact us via 101. This will be looked into. #TheRoadIsNotARaceTrack’

The latest footage comes just days after another motorist filmed himself doing 201mph in an Audi RS6 while driving along the M23 in West Sussex

The motorist only had one hand on the wheel as he filmed his dangerous test drive and put the safety of himself and others in serious jeopardy

Fellow drivers replied in horror, with Chris Ward saying: ‘Another 200mph idiot. This is a stretch of road I travel on regularly… A2 in Kent. Coming through Gravesend then up to Bluewater.’

Kirsty Wear added: ‘Tougher sanctions on dangerous driving is the only way to tackle horrific scenes like this. Why is this so difficult to implement?’

It comes just hours after a driver filmed himself hurtling what appears to be an Audi RS6 car down the M23 in Crawley at a similar pace.

In that video, which was shared thousands of times on social media, the single hand holding the wheel is that of a white male whereas the second incident appears to show a black man operating the accelerator while wearing white socks and shoes.

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