Policeman ‘shoots a man in the foot and hits a dog in rural Ireland’

Policeman ‘shoots a man in the foot when bullet goes straight through dog he fired at ‘in self-defence’ during incident in rural Ireland’

  • A clip posted on Facebook claimed to show an incident in which a dog was hit 
  • Police said a man had also been injured in the shooting in co. Longford, Ireland 
  • In the video the ‘policeman’s tie is pulled’ before he opens fire at the animal 

This is the moment a policeman’s roadside stop takes a horrific turn as he shoots and inadvertently shoots a dog with a bullet which then ricocheted and hit a man’s foot.

Shocking footage posted on social media shows the garda officer attending a violent confrontation between two drivers in rural county Longford, Ireland on Monday.

In the video, a van driver can be seen to be having an argument with another person who appears to attempt to slap him through the door of his vehicle.

Footage posted on Facebook appears to show the officer (right) attending a roadside incident between two or more men

The woman filming the action can be heard shouting ‘you dirty f*****g tramp’ at the man in the van.  

As the confrontation intensifies the camera then shows the plain-clothes policeman’s tie being pulled before he opens fire with his pistol and a plume of smoke jets into view.

The camerawoman screams hysterically as the shot is fired: ‘You just shot my husband!’

She then turns around to show the legs of another man standing behind him with what appears to be blood coming out of one of his trainers. 

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Police later confirmed there had been an incident where an officer discharged his pistol in Longford and that a dog had been shot – despite it not being shown in the footage. 

They also said a man had been injured at the scene. 

A source told the Irish Mirror the dog fled the scene after being shot and is being hunted by investigators.

The source also claimed the incident was a dispute over ownership of a vehicle and the plain clothes officer had been trying to break up the heated exchange. 

A source said: ‘During this incident tempers were frayed and a man came under attack from members of a local family.

The policeman’s tie can be seen being dragged before he fires a shot which was said to have killed a dog and ricocheted into a bystander’s foot

‘This dispute centred around cars – at some point the garda’s tie was grabbed and he was pulled down. A shot rang out and a man was injured in the leg.

‘It also seems that a dog was injured but that the dog has vanished now and needs to be located for investigators.’

Both gardaí and the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission have confirmed they are investigating the incident.  

‘During the course of this incident an official Garda firearm was discharged,’ a Garda spokesman said.

‘As this incident has been referred to the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission, An Garda Síochána are not in a position to comment further.’

Gsoc confirmed it received a referral from An Garda Síochána and has deployed investigators to the scene.

‘We understand a male received an injury,’ a spokeswoman said.

It’s unclear yet what sparked the incident but it’s understood gardai attended a potentially violent incident involving a group of people. 

The Garda have not yet confirmed whether the footage is of the incident mentioned.

The cameraman then steps back to reveal the policeman is carrying a pistol (left) and turns to show a bystander with what appears to be blood coming out of his foot (right)

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