Pope slams Covid rule breakers who only care about 'going on holiday and having fun'

POPE Francis has today criticised people breaking coronavirus rules and those who travel abroad to escape lockdowns.

Speaking after his weekly noon blessing, he said he was "saddened" and called on people to show greater awareness of the suffering of others.

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Francis said he had read newspaper reports of people catching flights to flee government curbs and seek fun elsewhere.

The Pope said in a video address from the library of the Vatican's Apostolic Palace: "They didn't think about those who were staying at home, of the economic problems of many people who have been hit hard by the lockdown, of the sick people.

"(They thought) only about going on holiday and having fun. This really saddened me."

The traditional Angelus blessing is normally given from a window overlooking St Peter's Square, but it was moved indoors to prevent any crowds gathering and limit the spread of Covid-19.


"We don't know what 2021 will reserve for us, but what all of us can do together is make a bit more of an effort to take care of each other," Francis added.

"There is the temptation to take care only of our own interests."

At Christmas, Pope Francis donated 4,000 coronavirus swabs for homeless people in Rome, according to the Italian news agency Ansa.

Thanks to a deal between Vatican City and Rome, they will be used to give homeless people a chance to get tested for Covid-19.

The Pope also called on people to stop complaining about lockdown restrictions and help those in need instead, La Repubblica reports.

The number of positive coronavirus cases in Vatican City is 27, with no deaths recorded in the small state.

Italy has recorded 2,141,201 infections and 74,985 Covid-related deaths.

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