Prankster sets car on fire and drives into frozen lake

Reckless prankster risks his life by setting a car on FIRE and then driving it off a 30ft dirt ramp into a FROZEN LAKE in Russia

  • Prankster’s friends set car boot ablaze before he drives off reaching over 40mph
  • Driver hits the ramp and flies 100 feet through the air before crashing into the ice
  • The blazing car plunges into the lake before the driver emerges unscathed 

This is the jaw-dropping moment a daredevil with a death wish set his car ablaze before driving it at more than 40mph into a frozen lake. 

Footage captured in Rostov-on-Don, southern Russia, shows the adrenaline junkie and his friends setting the boot of the car on fire before the driver accelerates down an icy path towards a 30ft-high dirt ramp.

The car hurtles over the steep hump, leaving a trail of dust as it becomes airborne.

Friends of the daredevil set the boot of the car on fire before he gets in and accelerates away 

The daredevil drives his blazing vehicle over a 30ft dirt ramp and into a frozen lake in Rostov-on-Don, southern Russia

The car plunges into the icy waters below during the heart-pounding stunt

As the driver plunges his car into the icy waters, his friends rush over to him-with one sinking their arm into the lake to pull him out.

The daredevil emerges from the frozen lake shivering but happy to be alive. 

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The unnamed driver said: ‘I decided to try and jump a burning car from a huge jump, into the frozen lake. 

‘The jump was at a height of ten meters, the speed of the car was 60-70 km/h (37-43 mph) and the car flew about 30-40 meters (98-131 ft) through the air.’ 

The daredevil’s friends rush over the icy lake following the jump and help him out of the water

One friend helps to haul the driver out of the lake. The driver emerges shivering but unhurt

The dramatic scene took place on November 27 and footage of the stunt was later posted on YouTube.      

One shocked user commented: ‘He’s out of his mind to pull such a stunt! And he’s lucky to be alive!’ 

While another simply wrote: ‘Meanwhile in Russia…’  

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