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Protective mother moose charges after a brown bear chasing her calf

Moment protective mother moose charges after a baby brown bear which was chasing her calf through an Alaska field

  • Alaska man Matthew Cahill filmed a mother moose chasing away a brown bear cub in a field outside of his home on June 13
  • The cub was chasing after the moose’s young calf, likely in a bid to eat it
  • The mother at first runs away from the cub then charges at it, chasing it to the other side of the meadow in an effort to protect her baby 
  • The video has gone viral racking up over 5.7million views 

This is the incredible moment a protective mother moose chased away a young brown bear tailing her young calf in an Alaskan field. 

The astonishing video offers a rare glimpse into the wild showing the two creatures, a real life Yogi Bear and Bullwinkle from the famed cartoons, run after each other in circles.   

The video was shared by Alaskan man Matthew Cahill on June 13 with the caption ‘Morning wildlife drama at our house’. 

The one-minute clip starts with the mother moose running with its tiny baby in tow through a green field with mountains in the background. 

Alaska man Matthew Cahill filmed an incredible moment of nature right outside his window, showing the moment a mother moose and her young calf are chased by a young brown bear 

Baby moose! The mother and her tiny calf (above) were running away from a hungry young brown bear

Here comes the predator! The bear was chasing the duo, likely hoping to eat the cub 

Then a young brown bear follows not far behind. The cub with its shiny chestnut-colored mane runs incredible close to the windows of Cahill’s home. 

The bear comes perilously close to the moose and its baby, leading the parent to charge at the intruder, chasing it off to keep its paws off its calf. 

The moose runs after the bear, sending it sprinting into the field, and the chase doesn’t stop until they’re out of sight, reaching the other side of the open meadow. 

The video has since gone viral racking up 5.7million views and over 107,000 shares. 

‘This is why I’m more scared of the moose than the bears,’ one Facebook user commented. 

‘Omgosh she was pissed lol he only thought he wanted moose for breakfast she was taking hunks outta his butt,’ another added.

‘This is what happens when you piss off a parent,’ one Facebook user wrote. 

‘I’ve always called myself a mama bear when I was protecting my children but I think I need to change that to mama moose!’ another echoed. 

‘Run Teddy, run!’ another playfully added.  

Most commenters cheered the mother moose on writing ‘Go Mama Moose’ and ‘Mama ain’t playin’ no games!’

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