Putin’s billionaire son-in-law leaves leader’s daughter for new wife

Putin’s billionaire son-in-law replaces Russian leader’s ‘rock ‘n roll’ dancer daughter for glamorous new socialite wife

  • Kirill Shamalov, 36, has wed his glamorous lover Zhanna Volkova following split 
  • Ex-wife Katerina Tikhonova has never been acknowledged as Putin’s daughter
  • But US Treasury sanctioned Shamalov as the ‘husband of Putin’s daughter’ 
  • ‘Shamalov must have balls of steel’ said one commentator amid rumours

Zhanna Volkova, 32, with ‘Russia’s youngest billionaire’ Kirill Shamalov, 36

A divorce has been ‘confirmed’ between Vladimir Putin’s secretive ‘rock’n’roll’ daughter Katerina and her husband described as Russia’s youngest billionaire.

While no announcement was made, tycoon Kirill Shamalov, 36, has wed his glamorous ex-London-based lover Zhanna Volkova, say accounts in Moscow.

Shamalov – hit by Western sanctions because he was the Kremlin leader’s son in law – has refused to comment on his new life.

But it is now clear he swapped Putin’s daughter for the seductive socialite just five years after he wed into Russia’s most powerful family. 

It is not known why his marriage failed to Katerina Tikhonova, 32, who is widely seen in Russia as Putin’s younger daughter, although this has never been officially confirmed.

She has become famous for her her spectacular ‘boogie woogie’ Acrobatic Rock’n’roll performances in dance competitions.

Zhanna Volkova is said to have married the ex-husband of Russian Presidnet Vladimir Putin’s alleged daughter

The divorce is confirmed because Volkova – in her 30s – has been referred to in a legal document by her new married name, Shamalova, say news source Open Media.

Huge secrecy surrounds Putin’s two daughters – now in their 30s – from his marriage to ex-wife Lyudmila.

Tikhonova, who uses her mother’s maiden name, also has a burgeoning business career in charge of key investments for Moscow State University.  

Secretive: Miss Volkova with a mystery man said to be Putin’s alleged son-in-law Shamalov

Glamorous: Zhanna Volkova is rumoured to have married the ex-husband of Vladimir Putin’s alleged daughter 

The Kremlin never comments on her, or his other daughter Maria, 33, married to a Dutch businessman.

It is unclear is Shamalov – son of a longtime Putin crony – will now be removed from US sanctions since he is no longer linked by marriage to Putin.

When rumours of a split first emerged in January, stripped of almost half his wealth as alleged punishment for ditching Tikhonova.

However while he has slipped from 64th to 75th on the Forbes Russia rankings of wealth, his fortune has increased from $1.2 billion to $1.4 billion.

In April he was still listed by the US Treasury as the ‘husband of Putin’s daughter’.

Kremlin boogie-woogie: Putin’s reputed  daughter Katerina Tikhonova performs a dance routine

Katerina Tikhonova, who has never been officially confirmed as Putin’s daughter, is in charge of key investments at Moscow State University

Proud Father? Russian President Vladimir Putin has never officially acknowledged that Katerina Tikhonova is his daughter

Volkova, who once lived in London, was first seen dancing with a mystery man, now believed to be Shamalov, in February 2017.

Her suitor’s face was deliberately hidden in Valentine’s Day images. 

There was surprise when rumours started circulating that he had a new lover.

‘Shamalov must have balls of steel,’ said one comment.

‘He must be thanking God and all his saints, that he is alive and free,’ wrote another.

‘Russia’s youngest billionaire’ Kirill Shamalov (36) and his rumoured new wife Zhanna Volkova

Reports last year suggested Putin is quietly grooming Katerina – also known as Ekaterina – for possible ‘tsardom’ to takeover from him.

Putin has previously said of his daughters: ‘They have never been ‘star’ children, they have never got pleasure from the spotlight being directed on them. They just live their own lives.

‘They live in Russia … They have never been educated anywhere except Russia.

‘I am proud of them.’ 

Russian President Vladimir Putin with his ex-wife Lyudmila and duaghters Katerina (left) and Maria (right)

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