Robert De Niro Has Once Again Blasted Donald Trump, Calling Him ‘A National Disaster’ And A ‘Nightmare’

Robert De Niro has stated that Donald Trump is ‘a New Yorker I would never want to meet.’

It’s safe to say that Robert De Niro is no fan of Donald Trump, and when the actor spoke with CNN‘s Hala Gorani in an interview on Monday, he really let loose with his feelings on the president.

According to the Daily Caller, De Niro has apparently had enough of Trump and has publicly denounced him as “a national disaster” and a “nightmare.” He further suggested that Donald Trump could at least try to be amusing with his diatribes, but noted that he’s not “even witty.”

After Robert De Niro was asked whether he might not be giving Donald Trump what he wants by giving him so much negative attention and publicity, De Niro replied, “No, because even his responses, his retorts if you will, are inane and they’re kind of stupid. He doesn’t say anything that’s even witty or smart. So it doesn’t bother me. It’s ridiculous.”

Recalling a conversation he had with his trainer recently, Robert De Niro stated that while they both agreed that they had seen some pretty crazy things over the years, nothing has been quite as relentlessly frightening and terrible as Donald Trump’s presidency has been. And far from being fiction, Trump is very much real.

“I was working out with my trainer the other day and we have seen horrible things over the years, but this is one of the worst things that I have seen, as I was saying, and that I ever thought I would see. But it’s real.”

When Gorani questioned why De Niro was so outspoken over Trump, the actor replied that the answer is really quite simple, and it is simply because Trump is who he is, and no one can be in any doubt as to the president’s feelings, values, and politics now.

“I know what kind of person this guy is. He’s a New Yorker who I would never want to meet. I would never want to meet him and now he’s president. And the reason I wouldn’t want to meet him is because of the kind of person he is. As we all know now, there’s nothing new. It’s just disgraceful. But we’ll get past this.”

Many Americans have probably seen Robert De Niro’s take on the scandal currently rocking the United States as he acts the part of special counsel Robert Mueller on Saturday Night Live, in which his character tries his hardest to take the president down. This is a part that no one could play quite as well as De Niro, who has a long history of taking aim at Donald Trump.

Aside from frequently airing his opinion of the president, De Niro has even gone so far in the past as to apologize to all Canadian citizens for how Donald Trump behaved toward Justin Trudeau during the G7 summit. However, his feelings about Trump have been very clear since at least 2011, when he joked that Trump was like a car salesman who is never able to actually deliver.

With Robert De Niro’s latest comments on CNN about Donald Trump, it seems pretty clear that this is a rift that is sure to endure.

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