Ron Paul spotted wearing a pair of Daisy Dukes for interview

Looks like Ron Paul likes his shorts as small as he likes his government.

The former congressman gave viewers on YouTube an eye full Wednesday, when he ended a Zoom interview by revealing he was wearing a tight pair of Daisy Dukes along with his dress shirt and suit jacket.

The 85-year-old Libertarian inadvertently gave the glimpse of his liberally cut short shorts in the last seconds of a video chat on political issues with host Doug Casey.

The men had finished discussing the future of personal liberty, when Paul rolled his chair back from the camera and showed just how much liberty his tiny jeans allowed his slightly tanned, thighs to enjoy.

Some viewers at first thought the fresh take on business casual were boxers, but a closer look reveals they are a pair of short jeans cinched with a black belt.

The video immediately ended after the quick glimpse of the shorts.

During the interview, the outspoken libertarian harped on one of his favorite topics — including how Americans should continue their pursuit of freedom regardless of the current political climate.

“The only issue that matters will be our liberties,” Paul said, looking towards the future.

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