Savvy teens setup hands-free lemonade stand amid coronavirus crisis

These teen Upper West Side twins are taking a stand against coronavirus.

Literally making lemonade from lemons, eager entrepreneurs Gideon and Samuel Bialkin rolled out their citrus stand on Columbus Avenue and West 78th Street on Monday.

But the budding businessmen faced an immediate ironclad directive from their CEO  — mom.

No physical transactions of any kind with strangers in this age of coronavirus.

“I told them to come up with something — and they did,” Lisa Bialkin, 55, proudly told The Post. 

The 13-year-old capitalists bet on an honor code in the middle of Manhattan. The brothers don’t staff the stand. Instead they placed a plastic container with a slit to drop in money, and a sign announcing:

“We are testing out a lemonade stand honor system. Please don’t steal, we are kids.”

Not completely naive, the boys set up the stand outside their apartment building, where from their fifth-floor window they can keep an eye on their $2 cups of Arnold Palmers, $2 chocolate chip muffins and $1 mini muffins.

Sometimes they’ll watch from a Columbus Avenue park bench, and Gideon keeps a color-coded notebook that tracks sales, thefts and his observations. “I love watching people,” he says.

To ensure the safety of their self-serve customers, the Abraham Joshua Heschel School seventh-graders supply the stand with latex gloves and hand sanitizer. The muffins are Saran-wrapped.

The lemonade stand sits outside from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. “Every night we take Clorox wipes and sanitize everything,” Gideon underscored.

The Bialkin boys say business is good — they banked $70 over the first three days — and most folks are honest, with only three thefts so far.

“People are a lot more trustworthy than I thought,” Gideon says.

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