Scott Thompson: Liberal mistakes will continue to haunt Ontario for years

The Kathleen Wynne Liberals are not even in power anymore and their record of fiscal mismanagement — along with a lack of due diligence — is still making news.

It’s bad enough losing a majority and official party status, but to have their record keep coming back to haunt them may keep the Liberals in third place for a while.

In her annual report, Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk delivered another body blow to the party, which was responsible for Ontario’s finances for 15 years, and this edition is no less damaging than the rest.

The auditor general and previous Liberal government didn’t see eye to eye on many issues, particularly accounting practices that raised questions about liabilities being viewed as assets.

Red flags have been raised on everything from Metrolinx cost overruns to expensive Ontario Works programs that yielded few results.

The report paints another picture of a government out of touch with the priorities of average Ontarians and little respect for their tax dollars.

In the end, the examples may be different, but they reflect an entitled attitude most Ontarians grew tired of and could no longer afford.

If this makes you angry, just wait until your electricity rates skyrocket after the Liberals’ creative accounting practices come home to roost over 20 years of refinancing.

Even relocated to third-party status, the Liberals’ mistakes will continue to cost us for decades.

Scott Thompson is the host of The Scott Thompson Show on Global News Radio 900 CHML.​​

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