Shock dog warning as sausage rolls laced with 4-inch spikes set as booby traps in park

DOG owners have been given a shock warning after sausage rolls laced with four-inch spikes were discovered in a local park.

A concerned mum issued the warning after her teenage son discovered the booby-trapped food in an alleyway leading to Stratton Park, Basingstoke, in Hampshire.

Tracy Hook, 43, said: “It’s such a lovely area and I regularly use it. It just amazes me that somebody would want to be that cruel.

“After my son told me about it, we went back together. I took them home, removed the spikes, put them in a plastic bag and threw them in the bin.

“I first contacted my immediate neighbours on a message group to warn them. Some of them have dogs, and I wanted to make them aware – and I texted some other friends who use the park and have dogs.”

Having alerted her neighbours she then reported the incident to the police and warned others via a community page on Facebook.

Tracy added: “I don’t know who would have done such a thing. It’s obvious that somebody wanted to inflict harm on an animal. I can’t see another reason for it, really.

“I wasn’t too worried about my cat eating them, because she’s very fussy. Cats don’t tend to gobble up things like sausage rolls, but other animals like dogs and foxes would.

“They were a little bit mouldy, with around eight 10cm-long spikes sticking out of each one.

“There are lots of dog walkers that use the park, and a football club and a running club… someone’s pet could have been seriously hurt or killed.”

The Facebook post gained more than 400 comments, with many locals expressing their horror about the discovery.

One wrote: “Senseless, nasty people! Just don’t know what the world is coming to.”

Another said: “I find it hard to believe that anyone would want to inflict this much pain on any creature. I really do not understand.”

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