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Shocking bodycam video shows two female PCs being attacked by thug who punches one in the face

The disgusting ambush happened after the officers were called to a property in North Hykeham near Lincoln on December 10.

One of the cops was pushed into a hedge by the thug and the other was dragged to the ground and punched several times in the face by the same man.

He is heard saying "get off, get off, get off" before launching his vicious assault.

The officer who was shoved into the bush and begins to use pepper spray on the offender, who was seen grabbing the hair of the other officer and yanking her to the ground.

She shouts "get down now!

"Get on the floor!" as he continues to grapple with her.

She is then thrown to the floor,  wincing visibly in pain and he then gets on top of her and begins pummelling her with his fists.

The other yells down the radio for back up as the aggressive man carries on shouting in the background.

A recently introduced law – The Assaults on Emergency (Workers) Act 2018 – increases the penalties for assaults on all Emergency Services Personnel.

The law came into force last month, which allows the courts to impose up to a year’s imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine.

Where assaults cause more serious injury the legislation considers the offence ‘aggravated’ if it is committed against an emergency worker. This gives the courts the option to impose even harsher sentences.

Chief Constable Bill Skelly said: “We have a duty to look after and protect the public but we are all too often prevented from doing so due to violent individuals who choose to attack those who are there to help them.

“Most importantly it should be remembered that they are fathers, mothers, sons and daughters.

"When they are attacked they become victims just like any other, but victims who have been attacked while trying to help others.”

According to Lincolnshire Police, the man was charged with assault on an emergency worker and ordered to pay £100 compensation, 12-month community order and undergo a rehabilitation requirement.

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