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Six naked tourists including Brit arrested for skinny dipping on Thai beach

Five women and a man – including a Briton and Australian – were arrested after being caught skinny dipping on a Thai beach.

The group, aged between 17 and 20, were seen stripping off and wading into the shallows for about 10 minutes before officers attended in Krabi on Monday night.

Video taken by outraged residents shows the group being told to get out of the water and put on the clothes.

The embarrassed tourists, from Britain, Australia, Spain and Japan, can be seen walking back hunched over while covering their breasts whilst the man covers a towel around his waist.

They were then being taken to the police station where they were charged with public indecency and fined 400 Baht (£13).

Police said there were eight people in the group but only six of them had gone to the beach after realising the bars had closed early due to the national Buddhist Lent celebrations.

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