SNL sketch re-imagines the scandal-hit president as Darius Trump

What if Donald Trump was black?’ SNL sketch re-imagines the beleaguered president as ‘Darius Trump’ in an Empire-Inspired sketch which has a very different ending for POTUS

  • An SNL sketch, inspired by Fox’s hit show Empire, called Them Trumps depicts a black President ‘Darius’ Trump getting arrested by the FBI 
  • Kenan Thompson plays Darius, who is married to Malika and their children are Darius Jr and L’evanka in the skit called ‘Them Trumps’
  • It opens with an adviser telling Darius Trump that his presidency ‘might be over’
  • Malika tells her husband no one believed he would get as far as the White House after ‘bankruptcies and your baby mama’ 
  • The sketch ends with FBI agents storming into the Oval Office and arresting him 

An SNL sketch which depicts Donald Trump as a black President ends with him getting arrested by the FBI.

In the humorous segment, inspired by Fox’s hit show Empire, comedian Kenan Thompson plays POTUS ‘Darius’ Trump, who is married to Malika Trump with their children Darius Jr and L’evanka.

The short clip, titled ‘Them Trumps’ opens with a adviser ominously informing President Darius Trump ‘it might be over’ following a week of controversy in which the real president tweeted that he was ‘totally clear’ of wrongdoing.

 An SNL sketch depicts President ‘Darius’ Trump getting arrested by the FBI

The satirical sketch called ‘Them Trumps’ imagines what would happen if Donald Trump was black 

This week a federal prosecutor singled out Donald Trump as being directly involved in efforts to silence actress Stormy Daniels and former Playboy model Karen McDougal to avoid October-surprise embarrassments during the 2016 election.

In ‘Them Trumps’, the advisor tells Darius: ‘Sir they know everything, they know about Russia.

‘They know you used campaign money to cover up an affair with Magic City Stripper Cinnamon Mercedes and they know about the pyramid scheme you’ve been running through your company Darius Trump country hams’. 

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After being informed his presidency might be over, Darius responds: ‘Oh, it’s not over. Not by a long shot. We’ll beat this. Or my name isn’t Darius Trump’.

As they sit together in the Oval Office, Darius Jr tells his father: ‘Dad, the media has been out for you since day one and you proved them all wrong’.

His wife Malika then interjects: ‘That’s right, nobody ever thought you would get this far. The bankruptcies, your baby mama. But here you are on top’.

Kenan Thompson who starred in the hit show Kenan and Kel  plays POTUS ‘Darius Trump’ 

Darius Jr tells his father that the media has been out for him but he has proved them wrong 

L’evanka Trump, inspired by Donald’s glamorous daughter Ivanka, reassures her father that everything will be alright 

Darius reassures them confidently that he will emerge from all the controversies with an untarnished reputation, saying: ‘Yeah. Maybe I done some dirty things. I’m making America great again. 

‘And what these feds don’t realize is that I’m the president! The most powerful man in the most respected office in the world. They can’t like me. And even though I may be black…

FBI agents suddenly storm into the Oval Office and approach Darius Trump saying: ‘Freeze, Trump, you’re under arrest!’  He then responds: ‘Yeah, that sounds about right’. 

The credits then roll before Darius Trump is freed because the president cannot be tried while in office.

‘There’s only one rule in America: You can’t prosecute a sitting president!’,  says Darius Trump. ‘It’s called checks and balances, baby’.


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