Student orders kebab and is shocked to receive box full of CHEESE slices

A STUDENT was left stunned after she ordered a kebab – only to be given a box bursting with 40 slices of cheese.

Sophie Stevens, 22, had been looking forward to her tea all day but "couldn't cope" when she went to plate up.

At first glance, the polystyrene box her order came in could well have contained a kebab with all her dream trimmings.

But when Sophie peered in, she found nothing but a huge pile of burger cheese.

Posting a snap of the blunder box on Facebook, she wrote: “Been waiting for 5pm all day to be able to order a kebab, finally ordered.

“Then it came and opened the box to find 40 slices of cheese.”

Mental health nurse student Sophie, of Llanelli, south Wales, quickly complained and got it swapped.

She added: “Honestly I cannot cope. I ended up getting my kebab in the end.”

Sophie's shocked pals found the kebab shop bungle hilarious.

One friend wrote: “I can’t cope with this.”

Engaged Sophie – who is doing her degree at Swansea University – added: “Honestly I didn’t find it funny at first because I was absolutely craving a kebab.”

Another quipped: “That's amazing, did you at least keep the cheese?”

Someone else added: “Pretty cheesed off I'd have been Sophie!”

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