Success Academy will remain remote through March: officials

The city’s largest charter school will remain remote only through at least late March, officials said Friday.

Success Academy, which enrolls roughly 20,000 kids across 47 schools in four boroughs, said it will revisit their model after spring break on March 19.

The network said it decided against pursuing the blended learning format adopted by the Department of Education.

“While district schools are open and a small number of students can physically be on campus, students are often being taught remotely by teachers who are not in the classroom with them,” Founder and CEO Eva Moskowitz said in a letter to parents. “This is not our vision of great schooling.”

City Hall pushed a plan to have kids alternate between remote and classroom schooling this year.

While some parents have welcomed a few days of scheduling relief each week, questions about in-person attendance and the lack of live building teaching have plagued the effort.

More than half of the nation’s largest school system have opted for remote only learning and do not enter buildings.

Success Academy touted its all remote learning platform Friday and asserted that the approach has retained continuity for the network’s students.

“Obviously, these improvements are not a substitute for being in person together,” Moskowitz said. “We recognize how hard this is for working parents, and we are sorry that external events seem to be conspiring against us. We are all doing the best we can under difficult circumstances.”

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