‘Superman’ star Dean Cain blasts ‘woke’ Captain America comic

“Superman” actor Dean Cain blasted a new Captain America comic book that questions whether the American Dream exists for feeding into the “anti-Americanism” and “wokeness” taking over the US.

Cain, who played Clark Kent on the TV series “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman,” said that it appeared to him now that the “cool thing to do is to bash America.”

“I love the concept of Captain America, but I am so tired of this wokeness and anti-Americanism,” Cain said Monday on “Fox & Friends.”

“In my opinion, America is the greatest country in history,” he said. “It’s not perfect. We are constantly striving for a more perfect union, but I believe she’s the most fair, equitable country anyone’s ever seen, and that’s why people are clamoring to get here from all over the globe.”

Cain’s remarks come amid backlash over the latest edition of “The United States of Captain America” in which the titular character tells readers that the American dream for some people “isn’t real,” the Washington Times reported.

He said the comic book is just one example that shows “wokeness” has become pervasive in the country — with celebrities, athletes and the media criticizing the US.

“Do these people ever travel outside of America? Do they go to other countries where they have to deal with governments who aren’t anywhere near as fair as the United States? I don’t think they do,” he said.

“Supporting the flag and the red, white and blue in the United States of America makes me a revolutionary in some terms, which I’m fine with,” he added.

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