Teacher banned from classroom for life after launching YouTube channel

English teacher, 50, is banned from the classroom for life after launching YouTube channel where he ranted against Muslims, gay marriage and transgender people

  • Rotherham teacher Damien Ryan, 50, is now banned from the classroom for life
  • He launched YouTube channel The Ryan Review filled with inappropriate rants
  • Ryan blasted Islam as a ‘hateful ideology’ and said transgenderism was ‘bullshit’
  • Saint Pius X Catholic High School’s teacher was banned by a disciplinary panel

English teacher Damien Ryan has been banned from teaching for life by a Teaching Regulation Agency panel after he launched a YouTube channel blasting Muslim, gay and transgender people

An English teacher has been banned from the classroom for life after launching a Youtube channel to rant against Muslim, gay and transgender people.  

Damien Ryan recorded episodes for his YouTube channel named The Ryan Review, which he broadcast on the video sharing site. 

Ryan, 50, blasted Islam as a ‘hateful, bigoted fascist ideology’ and said all Muslim countries had been stolen from others. 

He described transgenderism as ‘bullshit’ and urged his viewers to speak up against gay marriage. 

The teacher taught English in a Catholic  secondary school in Rotherham that had a significant number of BAME pupils at the time. 

He also taught English to a number of asylum seekers, and had contact with Muslim asylum seekers from a Sheffield mosque. 

A meeting of the Teaching Regulation Agency found that concerns were raised by a parent of a child at Saint Pius X Catholic High School in Rotherham, South Yorks, in 2018. 

As a result Ryan was visited by the police and he explained his race hate rants had been triggered by the child sex exploitation scandal that had rocked the town. 

Despite showing some remorse for what he had done the panel decided that Ryan was unfit to teach again and handed down a lifetime ban. 

The teaching regulator panel concluded: ‘The conduct clearly had the potential to affect the way in which he fulfilled his teaching role or may have led to pupils being exposed to, or influenced by, the behaviour in a harmful way. 

Concerns about the YouTube channel were raised by a parent of a child at Saint Pius X Catholic High School in Rotherham, South Yorks, in 2018

‘For example, some pupils could have viewed the content and experienced offence or distress whereas others could have been encouraged to express negative and/or derogatory opinions of Islam, Muslims and others.’ 

Mr Ryan was prohibited from teaching indefinitely and cannot teach in any school, sixth form college, relevant youth accommodation or children’s home in England. 

He can apply for the prohibition to be dropped in December 2022. 

On his videos Ryan ranted: ‘If you think Islam is a vile, hateful religion, say it without apology. Against gay marriage? Say so. No qualification. 

‘Think transgenderism is bullshit. Say so. No, ‘I’m not bigoted but….’ No apologies. The left never apologises. Speak up. Again, no apologies!’ 

He went on to say: ‘Islam LGBTQ and the left make an Unholy Trinity’ adding in other clips: ‘Muslims deserve no lands,’ ‘Muslims deserve no countries’ and ‘All Muslim countries are stolen from others’.

He admitted making the comments but said they did not bring him into professional dispute.

In their findings the panel said: ‘In evidence, Mr Ryan stated that his personal convictions were nourished by a well publicised child sexual exploitation case in Rotherham which had involved a number of men mostly from the Pakistani Muslim community. 

‘This case had resulted in public criticism of the police for allegedly failing to take action more quickly due to perceived cultural and political sensitivities. 

Damien Ryan called his YouTube channel (pictured, stock image) The Ryan Review, which he broadcast on the video sharing site

‘Reference was made to a publicly available report into this matter, but this report was not in evidence before the panel. 

‘This issue was put before the panel as explanatory evidence as to how Mr Ryan had come to form the view that some or all of the doctrines of the Islamic faith themselves posed a risk to public order and safety, and as to how he came to publish or disseminate the videos and retweets in question.’ 

It went on: ‘Mr Ryan has demonstrated behaviour associated with intolerance on the grounds of race/religion or sexual orientation. 

‘However, Mr Ryan has never been investigated nor prosecuted for any criminal offence.’ 

And they added: ‘Mr Ryan in evidence stated that he regretted his actions deeply and would never engage in such conduct again.’

The report conclusion red: ‘The panel also had regard to Mr Ryan’s record as a teacher, and noted that he had a good record. 

‘Similarly, there was no evidence that Mr Ryan’s conduct did, in fact, have 19 any adverse impact upon any learners. 

‘For example, Mr Ryan did not communicate any such views within the educational setting.’

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